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  1. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Unseen2339/Relentless2339/ https://www.twitch.tv/unseen2339 / all day every weekend some week days after 10pm pst
  2. Haven had much time for gaming .

    You got facebook ?


  3. A Rundown on the Baltimore Riots

  4. Maxajax, Checking in.

    :ph34r2: so hard to read the words hurt my I's  :Eating Zombie: ice cream mmmm                                                                       V
  5. Unseen2339 about me

    Well Lets start at the beginning I started playing games when I was about 4 mainly on consols I enjoyed it and never got in to pc. about a year ago I got an old office computer and found out u can game on a pc as well and found out it is the master form of gameing. I have played on just about every game and been in more clans than one could count and I am real big on order even know I may not seem like it at times that is why I am joining ADK everyone seems to keep everyone in line and no one as far as I have seen has tried to threaten or curs any one out. and when I was online I joined up with a squad that had its stuff down and no one questioned there lead or tried to argue I thought this not only uncommon but unheard of. So I made friends and started to feel that this community is not just going to crumble to some no life hacker that dose not like teams I liked the stability of ADK and want to be a part of it. but off the topic of games and more on a personal level my favorite color is red my favorite number is 2339 and I am not the best at sharing. I hope u accept me this is   Unseen2339/Kevin

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