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  1. One Man Bands (almost exactly like the originals)

    I only had time to watch the first video, but that was awesome. I cant find the videos of this one kid I watched. He did a whole bunch of Iron Maiden covers this way, except he did EVERYTHING including the vocals. Also The Rocket Summer. It's pretty happy go-lucky poppy music. But this kid writes, produces, sings, and plays every instrument on his albums. His music also helps keep you in a good mood
  2. You Decide Which Video Games Are Displayed At The Smithsonian

    Well my vote goes for CS 1.6 The default sprays are so artistic.
  3. Pet Thread

    My new Kitties! Frank and Abner. Me and my boy Frank
  4. Facebook

    What I don't understand is why people care so damn much. It's your facebook, do whatever you want. I just unfriend people who post constant annoying statuses. (You can also hide status updates from certain people) Would you rather someone post "I'm listening to *this* song right now" or just post some damn lyrics. If it bothers people that much, then don't use facebook. I get more annoyed with the people who complain about it, then those who actually do it.
  5. Music

    He's no Dio, but he kicks ass in other ways.
  6. Quitting Smoking

    Will Power is where its at. I started smoking in oct of 06 up until...7 weeks ago today actually lol. I thought about quitting for a long time, and when the time came that I was good and ready, I smoked the last cigarette I had in my pack (Ended up being a short) and I said "Ok im done" And I havent had a puff since! Will power, the power to win the race. Batteries not included.
  7. Headphones

    I was looking into the ASUS soundcard with the built in headphone amp, but I may just end up asking my electrical engineer buddy to help me build a small tube amp for these badboys. Even without an amp, these 598's sound quite nice. I can't really tell a noticeable difference than my 598's but I also dont have a pair sitting next to me to compare then with. But obv compared to my 515's they're just heavenly. I still have yet to put them up to my buddies...god I wish I could remember which model he has...ATH something. Though those ones are closed back, I prefer open. Yeah my original plan was to just buy a pair of 595's since they dropped 100 bucks, but 2 months ago my plan was to spend the 250 on the 595's so why not splurge? I already had the money set aside for it still haha. Also. 595's are are better simply because they came with a headphone stand, while the 598's didnt. Though with the 598's you can removed the cord from the headphones itself, so if I ever run over my cable, it gets cut, etc. Then much less hassle in fixing them.
  8. Headphones

    So, what say you? I liked that old thread. I had a pair of SennheiserHD 595's, I bought Flanner's (high end home theater store here in Wisconsin) Display model since that was all they had and they gave me 90 bucks off. Well I lost the left channel randomly while using them one day, so I went back to Flanner's to get a copy of my reciept so I could send them into Sennheiser. I brought the headphones with in case they could do something instore, or maybe just had new ones or something I could buy. Well ownership changed hands, so they had to redo all their...dealings with the companies, which they hadn't done with Sennheiser yet, so they had nothing new, so they just gave me a full refund. Oh yeah during this time I bought a pair of HD 515's to use while I figured out what to do with my 595's (thinking I had to ship them out) and they're pretty damn good for the money, but very disappointing when you're used to 595's :/ Well! Since I had a full refund on my 595's and the 598's were out, and I had expected to spend the 250 the 598's NOW cost on the 595's back THEN, well then...why not eh? Even when you wear them incorrectly as show, they still make me ears wet. EDIT: I know my room looks retarded. There was some dumb bitch living in this room before me. Terrible colors/paint job. But hey, it gives me something to talk about.
  9. Lmao, well I only watched that one I sent you, and skimmed through the Christmas one. There's one so much helping of homo I can take in one sitting,.

    Lol this has been stuck in my head >.<

  10. They made Christmas so homo, I loved it... but I really liked that shaking song or whatever it was, totally reminded me of the 90s. I so approve!

  11. Music

    This thread needs more Neil Peart. Skip to 3:20 for the sexy.
  12. Hahaha, yes Lets join bearforce1! They could use some people with nice hair.

    XD What about the "Boys." "Boys boys boys!" part hahaha that part had me pretty good.


  13. i feel so schooled, yet so robbed at the same time....


    and oh man.... the hoo haa hoo haa bit... i need to get some white pants and a pastel colored shirt.

  14. Did the stars go to see Bearforce1??

  15. to a rave party of course!


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