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  1. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    I don't think my PC could run it but if I upgrade then it will be my number one purchase. Sent from my LGL22C using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  2. Redeem on Origin. I'm guessing just about everyone reading this has the game but if you know someone who wants it, $5 is a great price.   http://www.gamestop.com/pc/games/battlefield-4/108897?utm_source=linkshare&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=deeplink&cid=afl_10000087&affID=77777&sourceID=lw9MynSeamY-_ID6JyrKvpYzrV4tEBIGNg
  3. Directly taken from my post in the Battlefield 3 forums; figured I could ask here as well since I did not see a general Battlefield forum.  
  4. Hey guys. I have a project for my graphic design course that requires me to select a target audience and create some button designs for them. I figured I'd pick Battlefield since it's something I think is awesome and I feel that there could be some cool designs. So I'm wondering what you guys (Battlefield players) would want in a button. What would make you buy a little Battlefield button? The designs cannot be a copy of existing things, so the class logos wouldn't work. I could do something with the classes though, just in a different way. So what would you guys like to see? Maybe something to do with the text from dog tags. Something like "Tank Destroyer" but it wouldn't be a copy of what that dog tag looks like. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks. -SuperGCNBoy
  5. Sensitive debate time!!

    Yeah puffs suck. Flaming hot or cheddar jalapeno crunchy ones. But if I had a choice, Doritios Chile Lime Dynomita.
  6. Pepsi Got Bored This Morning

    Pretty awesome.
  7. Does anyone play Hearthstone?

    @[member='MrSnipe1'] Yeah it's always hard to learn a new game. I'd say I probably win about 50% of my games. Right now I'm just focusing on unlocking the rest of the heroes as well as getting all the Mage cards.
  8. Well I only played for about 7 minutes but it seemed to be better. Got 160 fps in the load screen  :lol: . In game I rarely saw a drop below 50 fps.
  9. Does anyone play Hearthstone?

    @[member='Novaura'] Sweet. If you do make sure you add me; I'll be at the same skill level more or less.
  10. Does anyone play Hearthstone?

    @[member='Novaura'] Ha, well you won't play those guys right away. I played the 6 different AI opponents and then tried some online action. You're paired up with people with the same skill level. I won my first 2 and lost my 3rd by a little bit.
  11. Does anyone play Hearthstone?

    @[member='Novaura'] You should give it a try. Only a gig in size and it's free. Takes a few minutes to learn.
  12. The open beta just started and I've played a few matches. It's pretty fun, though I don't have any card games to compare it against. http://us.battle.net/en/int?r=hearthstone If anyone wishes to play, my username is zeADOLESCENT.
  13. My new ADK dishwasher

    For a second I was thinking "why do they make dishwashers that are above ground" and then I realized it wasn't right side up. Is the logo supposed to look like an A?
  14. is it still worth it

    It is still a very fun game. Runs and looks better than BF4 on my comp. I would try to get a deal on the game. I know they gave out Close Quarters during E3 last year.
  15. Do people still play this?

    I was playing a few weeks ago and had no problem finding good games to join.

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