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  1. Thinking of selling my Beta account

    It's just up in the air right now, gauging interest. If anyone is interested I'll double check with Nova to see if it's all good. I'm fairly sure it's a breech of EULA, but I know some people really want Beta accounts
  2. What ship should I get?

    What I havent seen other mention is that you can melt whatever you buy. Spend $180 or whatever on a Super Hornet and dont like it? You can buy a Mustang Delta package for $80 with $100 left over, or whatever it is.
  3. Hey guys, as the title says Im thinking of selling my standard beta account, with the cobra skin pack and was wondering if anyone was interested in maybe picking it up instead of a regular game account. Its worth about 92 dollars ($75 Beta, $17 skin pack) but I'd be willing to negotiate. I'm interested in PayPal, or store credit for Star Citizen/ships. Not 100% sure that I'm going to sell it unless I get an offer I cant turn down, but I most likely will.   And mods, if this violates the rules just let me know and I'll edit it to conform, or delete it.
  4. Ground Armor Needs Re-Working

    If you want a tank sim, you'd be better off with War Thunder, Red Orchestra, or ArmA. This is BF4 lol
  5. Shield broken or is just me?

    I have issues with not seeing that my glass is broken, or the sound for it. They seem a bit buggy for now
  6. Bipod glitching?

      This seems to be the sole determining factor in borderline rules, or attitude.
  7. The all new US #2 Dragons Teeth 24/7 Chainlink Server

    Is there any thought to putting the server down to 32/48 players and seeing how that goes, or no? Having a different game mode was refreshing
  8. VPN users Allowed?

    Like Nikolai said, it's not against the rules. ADK welcomes players from all over, along with those who use work arounds to get a high ping advantage. Tell him to swing by and play, he won't be the only one doing it.
  9. Chain link

    If you can hold someone to their spawn the game is over in literally 4-5 minutes. On Concquest you can at least have a chance at a come back, in Chain Link if the enemy caps all the points at all, you might as well gg.
  10. Chain link

    The idea of chain link is cool. But its not very well balanced.
  11. Shield changing the way Metro is being played??

    We were usin em on Lockers for a bit, was pretty funny. Got a few kills which interestingly enough gives you a Melee bonus, and possibly a melee ribbon? Im all for a Shield Ribbon. Kills/Damage absorbed with it? Honestly its a pretty situational item but if you're playing support on Metro/Lockers why not carry one?
  12. MSI afterburner settings?

    Thats why you need to do some trial and error. Someone with an identical card to you may be able to run different clocks than what you can. It takes a lot of experimenting. If you're not sure what you're doing, I wouldn't mess with it at all. You can end up turning your "Bad" card into a dead card.
  13. MSI afterburner settings?

    Like kfxsti said, there isn't really a "setting" per se. Overclocking can take a while, and become very frustrating. A quick google should help you find some mild clocks that would work well with BF4.
  14. Is uncap camping allowed

    Squad of C4 Buggies helps a lot, and can get into the uncap fast enough
  15. Seige/Zavod/Golmud US#3

    Im not real sure what it is either... Maybe its the map? I know even we groad when we know Golmud is coming up. Shanghai and Zavod seem to be popular maps. Maybe swap out Golmud for a CR or NS map?

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