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  1. PS2 Be Sad

    Livin' free in the NC. Vanu and TR sitting in their warpgates, crying into their juice cups.
  2. SOE H1Z1?

    I just can't fathom zombie games anymore. I burned out quickly with L4D1. Played 50 hours of it and was sick of zombies after that :/
  3. BF3 stuttering and CPU spikes

    Necro'd.   I'm curious, War. Did you ever unpark your CPU cores? When I played BF3, before I unparked cores, I had massive stuttering and framedrops. After unparking all cores, I eliminated 99% of my stuttering.
  4. New Rap Isn't Rap

    I tend to agree. While on very rare occasion I'm entertained in a "hah, this fuckin' shit right'chea" way like Lil Wayne's 'We Be Steady Mobbin'' (I mean, jesus, his lines are just so ridiculous they're hilarious. "got 10 bathrooms / I can shit all day, nigguh!" makes me lol every time), I just can't fathom how some excellent groups from the past are faded memories today. Wu-Tang Clan's old stuff was amazing. Bone Thugs got me into rap more than anything else.
  5. 20th post Yay, horray and lastly

    Crank dat souljah post to twenny.
  6. Titanfall

    Waiting for a complete edition in the bargain bin. Maybe.
  7. ADK CIV 5

    Async ADK Civ5 game? That would be fun. It'd give me a reason to reinstall... just can't get hooked like before.
  8. Some Old School Rap?

    Turned on the radio in my truck the other day and heard some Tone Loc "Funky Cold Medina". haven't heard that in at least a decade. Then I remembered that Wild Thing used the same sample and drums at a different bpm. Crazy.
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    My childhood feels molested. Eastman and Laird's original version was the shit. Played the TMNT RPG game all the time in the early '90s.
  10. I haven't played properly in years. I used to play a lot of DnD 3rd ed. and 3.5, I've played a good amount of Shadowrun 2nd ed. I've run a few games as DM/GM, too. I still have a few of my books, all my dice, and a handful of notes from campaigns I wanted to run but never did.
  11. What's for lunch?

    Looks damn tasty. I need to get some fish to make curry.
  12. Fellcrunk checking in

    Thanks! It's surprising to me to find so many AZ gamers lurking about the games I've played. I guess oppressive summer heat makes indoor activities like gaming next to the AC vent the go-to choice.
  13. Fellcrunk checking in

    I played BF4 in beta and it would not run acceptably on my modern rig (albeit a lower-end rig, but still well above minimum requirements). I decided to wait to see what the release of BF4 showed, and I've followed it closely. I'm done giving DICE money. PS2 is my FPS home now. :)
  14. Fellcrunk checking in

    Hello ADK, Fellcrunk here. Usually I go by Felldrake or Felldrizzle in games and online, but for whatever reason Fellcrunk seemed appropriate for Planetside 2.   PS2 is my current FPS crack rock.   After the shitfest that BF3 became after the Origin bundle dropped last summer, and up until the release of BF4 when the BF3 servers 'mysteriously' started crapping out, I took a break from shooters. Early December last year I tried out PS2 again since the OMFG emails went out. I joined ADK a few weeks after getting back into PS2.   Yeah, yeah, it took me until January to hit up the website here, and another 5 months to post. The encouragement and camaraderie in TeamSpeak spurred me to drop this introduction and get my posts crawling up the ticker.   I've been gaming since '86. Started out on an old Commodore VIC-20. Zelda on Nintendo took my breath away when I was 7. Kid Icarus, too. The successive generations of consoles up through the Playstation 2 and original X-Box split gaming time with PC gaming. I got into PC gaming in '93 when my father bought a 486DX rig with a whopping 4 MB RAM. X-Wing was my crack rock then. I became a dedicated PC gamer around '96, and bought my own computer in '99, a Celeron 333 with 64 MB RAM that got a lot of use playing Starsiege: Tribes and Quake 3. Diablo 2 ran like a beast when I overclocked the FSB.   Basically, I kept deep in computer building, hardware, and gaming on PC. So, yeah. Here I am.

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