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  1. Well It's time to go. Most of the new people won't know me anyways. ADK has been an interesting four years. I joined after playing with some of the most amazing friends I have ever made playing BF4 with. The late night non-stop 24/7 lockers. The best nights of my life. But like all things, small things kept changing, people changed. I remember the forums bursting with activity. People talking and posting and making new friends, sharing jokes. Especially on me. An old running joke that still goes on till this day with some friends. As much as i try to be active with the new ADK, I've noticed that some of these new members lack respect and are generally soft people. Can't crack a joke without someones feelings getting hurt. But I've met a couple nice new people who are just nice people and that remind me of the ADK i once joined. I hate to leave, but I have no place in ADK at this time anymore. Not going to name anyone at all because i'm not here to point fingers, have been quite rude to me since I've come back to ADK. The discord is usually dead and so is BF4. Even though i understand because BF1 is around. I haven't been around ADK for about a year, and it shocks me how much has changed in one year. How so many amazing people have left. I remember when @Dalriaden @L3g4cy355 @Sil3ntwarrior @Silent166 @Snowgoon80 and I would play and have so many laughs to the point my stomach would hurt so much. Every night. Every night for almost two years. But now It's all gone. The fun i once had with these people is all gone. The energy in ADK is gone. The excitement of ADK to me has vanished, or been lost. I remember becoming a BF4 admin to help out the servers. Even if it was for a little time, It was still a blast to do. I will still try to be around and help out and play games with some people that i enjoy playing with. For now, goodbye ADK. It's been one good interesting four years. I'll miss you @Marcinkoman Thanks for always being supportive of my time in ADK. I remember when you we're just a new guy. Seems like yesterday you just joined ADK. @Dalriaden The man who started the bathtub joke on me ;-;. Still one great friend I've made because of ADK. @L3g4cy355 I'm still better than you. @Sil3ntwarrior Pizza is bae. @Silent166 I really don't know what to say bro. Just thank you for being such a great friend. @Dynasty We really didn't talk much during ADK times, but thanks for being a unique friend. @AOBLXIX We've had our rough patches through my time here. At the end of the day I wanted to share my thanks for still being accepting of me in the community. @ColColonCleaner I still owe you a PC. @Soap91 Its been nice playing warframe with someone else. It's been a pleasure meeting you and playing games with you, and i hope we can still continue playing warframe together. @Surdawi <3. I just <3 Goodbye ADK. I will truly miss this community. P.S. March 6, 2014. The day XFactor got rekt on #6 xD
  2. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    I'll miss you ): @Pepsi
  3. BF1 Is Sexist?

    I'm upset that i can't play as gipsy danger. 10/10 not buying BF1.
  4. Bf4 Premium?

    Crappy maps = waste of doolers.
  5. 780 classified sli not working properly

    @[member='BENSON519'] why would you even 4k it -___________-
  6. My name is Kody, and I've come to conquer.

    Dont get sniped.
  7. Be advised! it might not really be me!

    Stats only matter if you play comp. ie ( like a resume)
  8. Gta 5 pc comes out jan 27th <33333
  9. JacknifeJones

    I snipe with aek. Me no needarino no 50 calarino
  10. Does anyone have this on ps3

    1v1 in bf series seems legit to me. 
  11. Whats better for ultra/high for bf4

    Why would you even run any game in high or ultra or even medium o.o?
  12. Landscaping In Battlefield 4

    Boy that escalated quickly. 
  13. What is your secret ...

    Im..Im not a doughnut..I dont know how doughnuts play video games..

    I thought everyone hated BF4.. oh well have funs pew pewing 
  15. You Gotta Be Kidding Me

    i laughed a little too hard at this...

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