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  1. Starting League of Legends

    @[member='Muhrder'] I wasn't trying to be some hate blind clueless dota player. Having played both of the games, I; along with many others, have come to the decision that one is better in our opinions. And before your response. Yes I have played LoL to a good deal. Would you not do the same if you played a game that you felt was a waste in time after finding another game the same but with more features for less or no money?
  2. How to stop mass shootings

    As far as i know, in California you may own a sawed off shotgun, but it has to be sawed off by a gunsmith and must be re-registered, and must be no shorter than some mystic length.   I do see both points of the argument, and while i would very much like to ignore the extremes because both skew results, in the end its the extremes that are written down in history books.
  3. How to stop mass shootings

    While true that we shouldn't glorify mass shooters because that only gives more reason for it to happen in the future, we can't just put guns into the hands of every single person, there are simply too many stupid people in the world that don't thinks things through before doing them. while mass shootings are terrible and leave bigger marks on history than single deaths to hand held pistols and the sort, they dont account nearly close to what the latter yields. If we should ban anything it shouldnt be the big guns, but the small ones; Pistols, sawed off shotguns, things that can be concealed. the rates of death due to drive-by's and gang violence would drop staggeringly. with both of those in place we might see a better outcome in regards to gun violence, but no matter what you do really there are still messed up people in the world that will get their hands on guns and do damage, whether the media pays attention to it or not.
  4. Starting League of Legends

    Even hardened league players admit that it takes an outrageously long time to unlock all champions, and that each patch tends to give certain champions overpowering qualities, and if free to play members dont have a spare 6.3k points to spare on a new champ then their left out and at a disadvantage to someone who has money to spend. They took an approach towards favoring those that spent money, and in some games that can work, but in a game where they are only one of many like it, they shouldnt try to squeeze people out of money to enjoy the game when others in the same league dont. IMO
  5. Sensitive debate time!!

    What are these women foods you all eat! I only eat the finest cool ranch Doritos covered in Dave's total Insanity! Which, btw, is a good way to start any acid reflex any of you might have so caution kiddies xD
  6. Tax refund time again!

    Looking into putting a down payment on a new GD T70moda, Sent off way more than i should have for what I made in revenue from my stocks, so i should be getting a nice big'n this year!
  7. Starting League of Legends

    Ok man, inb4haters Before you get too deep into League, let me just toss an idea at you.  just TRY Dota 2 first, its free, has better graphics, and all the characters are free. you get special asctetic items for your characters just by playing. League is a Pay2Win game, meaning that if you spend enough money you get a definite advantage over others, Dota on the other hand, no matter how much you spend everyone has an equal chance and equal opportunity. Many of my friends were big LoL guys and they all switched to Dota after they found it, the only reason they have to still play LoL now, and i quote "Just because i've spent so much on it" they all have found dota to be more challenging, rewarding, and generally more fun.   Now, keep in mind this is my opinion, but i must say it; Dota 2 > LoL   -EDIT- LoL was created after riot saw how good the first Dota was doing, so they wanted to cash in on the market and made their own version. Often times taking character designs and concepts piece by piece for their game. The two are in concept exactly the same, but in Dota, everything is free and you never need to spend a dime to play any hero whenever you want.
  8. What's your occupation?

    I actually did some freelance GFX things for some webs back in the day. Nowadays I'm looking for an internship with one of the locale game developers in my area. Hopefully one of em decides they need a fresh set of hands to help out. :D
  9. Hey, I'm Atmos

    Well, here I am!    Guess i should say something about myself :S Im 19, and live in SoCal; which is pretty self explanatory. I do a ludicrous amount of computer gaming along side my GFX and minor scripting in c#.   First caught wind of ADK thanks to Planetside after playing a few hours with platoon they commanded; figured I'd check em out and as it turns out almost every major game i play is a part of the community. So I think I'll stick around for a bit and see what happens yonder, get involved, that kinda junk :3   -Cheers!   -Edit- Also figured I'd mention that I livestream and am starting some uploads to youtube and the such. None of which have gotten off the ground; but its as much a part of me as any of my other hobbies :P
  10. Hey, I'm Atmos

    Thanks for such a warm welcome! I go by Atmos, or Dave, which ever you prefer. Also my stream would be out at twitch, "Twitch.tv/kt_atmos" I've done mainly so far some goofing around on Dota 2, and some play through's with my Oculus Rift, as well as adventures in DayZ. Gonna be upgrading my Twitch account to get rid of that lowly bit rate it has me locked at for the moment :3

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