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  1. It takes a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye

    @InsecureDoughnut But but but....bastard! Sad to see this, I will have to eat a pizza today in your name. Gonna miss our time on TS talkin about imgur....you see ivan....
  2. Shortly before this clip legacy said the above title. Didn't hear the end of it for the rest of the night. Game is rainbow six siege. If you want a different game that is very tactical and not super fast paced check it out. @L3g4cy355
  3. what i do when i populate a server

    Netflix and two monitors FTW
  4. LevelCap in ADK TDM server.

    I prefer maimi0 10 fold.
  5. Battlefield 1, A World War One

    I think mustard gas will be something available to a certain class. Kind of like tear gas in hardline. Though, I think the flamethrower will be a pickup.
  6. Battlefield 1, A World War One

    I'm all in, looks like a new twist. And I love WWI/WWII era in history. Obviously it won't be historically accurate but I'm really excited to see the maps and weapons.
  7. May's ADK Admin of the Month Announcement!

    100% deserved without a doubt. Congrats bud!
  8. BF5 Possible leak from a secret conference?

    If it's real, I'm all over it. I loved BF 2142 but would love to go back to a WWII era.
  9. BF5 TBA on May 6th. Who is exicted

    EA game....heh. Gonna be a pre-order. Probably that friday.
  10. BF5 TBA on May 6th. Who is exicted

    Can't waittttttt
  11. just thedoctor

    @[member='h1z1thedoctor'] Spoilers! Love the image.
  12. Allow myself to introduce......Myself?

    @[member='nukebetaone']   Welcome to our community! I havn't played battlefield in a few months but...you will meet some great people!
  13. video with levelcap

    @[member='Naru'] Wasn't lying! some dude was asking questions in chat!
  14. video with levelcap

    @[member='RuinyourDay'] I was typing when that happened. Was so mad.
  15. Hey scrubs

    @[member='Sum Ting Wong'] Nice name, can't stop laughing at that....

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