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    660ti 3MB superclocked
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    Cheapy 850Watt till tax returns
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    Logitech Keyboard G15 G9x mouse and G930 Headset
  1. Israeli Travor SAR giveaway

    Only way i would take one....for free...
  2. This is what happens when ADK members get bored.....

    Tom Foolery!? I am nothing but serious when i hit that simulated combat type battlefield!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_StSmaHix24&list=UUCWS3on8mUDoAEWbQWsiyTA    @[member='Dalriaden'] @[member='InsecureDoughnut'] and legapeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  4. We need these for the next DLC water maps

    no Dal this is me ON doughnut
  5. We need these for the next DLC water maps

    i prefer Doughnut to eat it...while i laugh and possibly shoot myself in my foot...
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEC3qgLrZvQ here is a youtube i uploaded of a incident where either someone was driving under the influence or the rocks are hacking again!  
  7. ADK paraphernalia

    So i asked some people in team speak i am just wondering, when i purchases the clothing or other things that are ADK from the store...How does that go to helping ADK. I do plan on making some server Donations as soon as money stabilizes a bit wont be much but i will toss what i can. Also if this is the wrong place for me to be asking this question please let me know and tell me where i can go to ask things such as this. Love the community so far and would like to be a helpful member....plus the hoodie looks pretty bad ass!
  8. What's Up Guys

    Hey greetings...I have been playing on ADK servers since battlefield 3, was happy to see that they shifted over to BF4. So i just decided to join them.....now i can talk to them while they kick my ass! Hope to see you in game have fun!
  9. Hello ADK!

    Greetings welcome to the group of people...I play BF4 mostly for right now..looking at getting into DayZ SA...but yeah hope to see ya in a game or two!
  10. Hello All

    MY BROTHA!!!!
  11. Hello All

    Welcome to the group...I am still new here but like to extend some greetings. I used to play PS2 think about playing again since there are people to play with around here..If you play battfield 4 i am the shotgun newbie that dies with defibs out all the time! =^)
  12. Saying hi.

    Greetings, I too play on #6 a lot, that's where I found out about these guys played with most of them enough figured I would join up with them! See you in game
  13. Hey ADK

    What's up man, welcome the group..I will be playing Day stand alone after release..right playing battlefield 4..see ya in the TS man!
  14. Anyone ride motorcycles here?

    That is freaking awesome on soooooooooo many levels!
  15. Someone got a little too excited....

    Hmm looks like you to have the "Book of ADK"..

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