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  1. =ADK= Brings you new L4D2 Servers!

  2. Arizona Comic Con

    I got some video action of zombie girls while waiting to get my Walking dead comics signed by Robert Kirkman.
  3. Arm CPU

    I can't wait to build a server on this platform. Super power efficient! Nvidia making CPU's? Wonder if it would play crysis :P
  4. Arizona Comic Con

    Well I found this coupon just in case anybody needs it. use coupon code DEVIANTAZ to receive $5 off
  5. Arizona Comic Con

    Anybody going to this week's Comic Con? Site
  6. New Member

  7. New Years Eve fun with ADK!

    We had a fire pit going with random wood we had in the house! It helped with the freezing in AZ last night. :P
  8. New Member

    Herro strudel Yea I have to make it out whenever that is.
  9. Pet Thread

    this is one of my dogs Talullah.
  10. Pet Thread

  11. New Member

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello. I am a AZ gamer that LAN's on occasion. I play tf2 and several other FPS games. I found this site on LAN party list and glad i did. Always looking for new venues out in Arizona near me to game it up .

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