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    Windows 8.1
  • Mobo
    z87 MSI
  • Processor
    4770k i7 quad core
  • Graphics
    GTX 760
  • PSU
    750watt Modular
  • RAM
    8g (2x4) 1600mhz
  • Storage
    1 120gig SSD, 1 500gig mehcanical
  • Audio
    my sweet astros
  • Monitor
    Asus 23" 1ms LED
  • Case
    Thermaltake Full chasis
  • Peripherals
    Naga Hex, Steelseries Apex
  • Speed Test
    11down 6.5 up
  1. All of a sudden - Ponies.

    Im guessing for April Fools day?
  2. Alphatrazz has come

    Enjoy my time,,, pshhh, im counting the days till I get out lol
  3. Alphatrazz has come

    Hey im Alphatrazz and I have been an avid gaming since my early teens. Im 21 years old from the soutwest suburbs of Chicago. First game I ever had was Morrowind for the original xbox, and is still by far one of my favorite games to date. Moved on to games like call of duty 2 and 3, and then eventually the 360 came out a long with halo 3. I probably then spent a lot of days and nights on cod4. Soon after I started playing WoW for the first time, ive been on and off with that game for a while now. A long the way ive tried SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, Rift, and a lot more mmos. Currently ive been playing BF4 for the X1. But just this saturday I built my New PC so I can get back into gaming. Currently the only games I have installed right now are ESO( which is now my main game), CSGO I play when im bored and need a break, Dota2 same thing as csgo, and I will soon download RoS because now that they got rid of the auction house, I bet it will actually be fun to play again, assuming I can find a group to venture into Hardcore with. So besides games, Im enlisted in the military, stationed out here in Camp Pendleton California, in my spare time, I go to the gym, go out to the bars with the guys. I recently started golfing, even  though I suck at it, I have a lot of fun with it, specially when you bring a cooler on the cart with you. Other then that I spend a lot of time gaming.
  4. Sensitive debate time!!

    Crunch, specially the hot ones, used to poor nacho cheese in it back in the day, mhmmm
  5. Show us your setup

    Intel Core i7-4770k quad core 3.5ghz MSI GTX 760 2GB MSI z87 motherboard 8g(2x4) vengenave 1600mghz Asus 23inch 1ms montior I got a SSD and a mechanical drive  Running windows 8.1( they were out of 7) Thermaltake Full tower Case Steelseries apex keyboard and a Razer Naga Corsair 750wat PSU   I Acutally just built this last saturday, this was right before I put it togethor.
  6. What's your occupation?

    0311 Rifleman with 2nd BN 1st MARDIV
  7. Would you ride this?

    If they had a Elevator, hell yeah I would
  8. I can not wait for Superman Vs. Batman

    Im not so sure about Ben Affleck being batman, but ill wait a little while before I criticized.
  9. Wolf of Wall Street

    I was skeptical about the movie, but after the first5 minutes I was like, lol this is gonna be great.
  10. And finally its baseball season!! Even thought my team sucks ill still root for them all the way, whats everyones favorite team, I have to support my home town team Chicago White Sox!!
  11. Cost of an good gaming desktop

    Spent 1400 on mine MOBO z87 MSI CPU: Intel i7 quad core 4770k PSU: Corsair 750watt modular RAM: 8gig(2x4) Vengeance Video Card: MSI GTX760 Monitor: Asus 23inch 1ms Hard Drives: 1 120gig SATA SSD, and 500gig mechanical drive Case: Thermaltake with 3 fans, fan control pannel, and a lot more. Steelseries Apex keyboard and my old Razer Naga and A Cheap 20$ optical drive
  12. Advice on a new mouse?

    Try looking at steelseries
  13. Starfire is here

    Hey im Daniel aka Starfir e, im 21 years old currently in Camp Pendletonld , CA . I enjoy all type of games, ive played wow, swtor, to guild wars 2, bf4, bf4, dayz, lotro. My current games are lotro, csgo is where I spend the most of it, I like to play on ESEA becuase theirs to many hackers in regular match making, and then I play the ESO beta when there is one, looking forward to launch.   I started gaming when I was in 8th grade with the regular xbox, playing games like wolfenstein, halo, and one of my favorite games of all time Elder scrolls Morrowind. I moved on to the xbox 360 playing and devoting most of my time in Cod4, halo 3, gears of war. Then I got into wow early Wrath of Lich king, I played wow up to MoP where I currently quite because I didnt like where the game was headed. Then I started csgo and now Lord of the rings online, mostly due to the fact that im a huge JRR Tolkien Fan.   I work for the military as an 0311 with 2/1, currently doing a meu work up to deploy with the 11th meu as the Battalion Landing team. In my off time I like to Golf, go out with my friends and run, I was training for a marathon, but work got into the way and I had to postpone it, im looking to start up again soon.   You can find me in TS3, im always on it, :P

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