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  1. Cookie

    Needs more NC4-FB Magshot @[member='HighElvenKing']
  2. Greetings ADK

    Since I've never been good at introductions to pretty much anything I figured why not start it off by saying that, I think it is a good start. Anyways, my names vary from any number of things from Keats to Machete, or even my real name Wyatt. I play many games including Minecraft, Warthunder, Dayz, and primarily Planetside (Although I have twice as many gameplay hours on Dayz than I do planetside, but I'm pretty burned out of it currently) I found out about ADK when I joined one of your platoons, not sure who led it but shortly after that I joined your teamspeak and was thoroughly surprised at how nice everyone was so I figured to stay around for about a week there whilst playing with people on planetside and even getting one of my buddies @[member='Crow'] to try it out he also liked it so we figured why not officially join, so yeah that's pretty much just a brief introduction about myself and I hope to join your awesome community! 
  3. Kia Ora from New Zealand - Crow

    Nice to see you joining with me man! 

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