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  1. Suuuuuup

  2. Most Anticipated f2p MMO for 2017

    fixed @LtNoobslayer didn't realize at the time that they open beta had started
  3. Most Anticipated f2p MMO for 2017

    @terriblechild you can sign up for the beta HERE the final release of the game will be a free to play model
  4. Most Anticipated f2p MMO for 2017

    @LtNoobslayer you can get closed beta now
  5. Mr Grumpy

  6. Wasssup

    @Scanners welcome to the forums I don't play league was just never able to get into it, but i play loads of others so hopefully i get a chance you run with you one day.... in something. If you have any questions about the community or just need some help feel free to shoot me a message and ill get back to you when i can.
  7. Mr Grumpy

    welcome to the forums @naifsbr10 glad to hear you plan on going for admin once you're a member Members stepping up and helping everyone have fun is the backbone of any community and most of all its really respected to do so. If you have any questions about this wonderful community or need any help feel free to message me and i'll help you out, or atleast send you in the right direction.
  8. Suuuuuup

    welcome to the forums @RedNecro I've always had a blast when i played H1 with the ADK crew in the past so im sure its no different now. if you have any questions or need any help feel free to send me a message and ill get back to you as soon as i can.
  9. Turbo told me to.

    welcome to the forums @majiita seeing your pictures really makes me want to hurry up and get more tattoos... i swear they are worse than crack just can't stop once you started. I'm glad to see another Strategy Rpg fan coming to the community, its a genre that has been overly lacked lately and i can't wait for the selection of up and coming games. If you have any questions about the community or need any help just shoot me a message and i will get back to you asap.
  10. Self Introduction!!

    welcome to the forums @UnknownErmine !! yeh my competitive side died years ago so i just kinda play whatever nowadays, been meaning to get back into Overwatch so you may see me there from time to time. If you have any questions about the community feel free to send me a message
  11. Most Anticipated f2p MMO for 2017

    @WELL_M3rcy i would definitely say that you are extremely anticipating it Looks interesting but i don't think i can get into another mmo for awhile.
  12. Mods for ADK:SE server, Need community Input

    @JarHeaD4EXG They would auto install when you joined the server.
  13. Mods for ADK:SE server, Need community Input

    This server is going to work very much like our Minecraft server has worked for years, so yes for the most part PVE and then allow people to fight each other if they want to. May setup PVP zones or something along the lines of that if we decide to keep the server long term. @-ARES-
  14. Many of you may have heard that ADK is getting a Space engineers server, well with the new updates to the netcode we have decided to start a "Test Server" of sorts to test viability for us to keep a stable SE:ADK only server. Ok What i am looking for is a list of "Server Friendly" Mods that you guys would think are some of the most required ones to play with together. We want to keep the number of mods to as low as possible to be able to do a decent test on how well the server handles. Thanks everyone in advance for your responses, Full details on server info will be made once we get all mods installed and make sure everything is going well together.
  15. ELITE DANGEROUS to all who play this game

    lets hope they have that content at least close to ready because after that if they dont do something soon your going to have alot of pissed off people

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