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  1. @WELL_M3rcy i would definitely say that you are extremely anticipating it Looks interesting but i don't think i can get into another mmo for awhile.
  2. @JarHeaD4EXG They would auto install when you joined the server.
  3. This server is going to work very much like our Minecraft server has worked for years, so yes for the most part PVE and then allow people to fight each other if they want to. May setup PVP zones or something along the lines of that if we decide to keep the server long term. @-ARES-
  4. Many of you may have heard that ADK is getting a Space engineers server, well with the new updates to the netcode we have decided to start a "Test Server" of sorts to test viability for us to keep a stable SE:ADK only server. Ok What i am looking for is a list of "Server Friendly" Mods that you guys would think are some of the most required ones to play with together. We want to keep the number of mods to as low as possible to be able to do a decent test on how well the server handles. Thanks everyone in advance for your responses, Full details on server info will be made once we get all mods installed and make sure everything is going well together.
  5. lets hope they have that content at least close to ready because after that if they dont do something soon your going to have alot of pissed off people
  6. this is where i jump in and say that i only played with dual joysticks until i broke my left joystick haven't really touched the game since... need to buy a new setup you get used to it pretty fast and it worked really well for me
  7. @BlueDream it should be fixed by then if not its a real simple bios update, and it only effected a handful of models that evga released and so are no one else that i have heard of.
  8. and thanks you for the work you have been putting into trying to get this going
  9. @Chief_Rockie added, im sorry i overlooked adding it
  10. Name: Spyderbyte88 Form: Let's Get This Game Going Request    
  11. Looks like it could be fun @GDON havnt played a game in this genre since like ssx way back when
  12. hey @Eddydean do you still play this or found anyone that does?
  13. @ChErRyCrUsH may have to join you and get as much under my belt before official release.... whenever that is lol
  14. ole Saktsak its a dump but its our little slice of pie in the sky need to get back into elite again

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