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  1. My Intro

    Welcome to the ADK forums hope ya have fun while your here :), i did try LOL a while back but couldnt really get into it , a mate of mine & ironhammer500 is a big LOL player i just keep getting nuked i just dont have the skills for the game lol
  2. Hello All

    Welcome to ADK forums :)  might see you in planetside 2 when i get around to playing again :)
  3. Welcome to the ADK forums hope you'll enjoy it here :)
  4. Hello ADK

    Hi im Daggit   Im 35 and i mainly play eve and have been for quite a few years my main char on eve is in NC. atm i also play 7 days to die and have a small server running atm, i also play minecraft and recently started trying out planetside 2 thought i would say hi ADK seems like a nice community :)    
  5. SpartanHell here

    hello and welcome :)
  6. Yooo, Wallerus here.

    Hello and welcome :)

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