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  1. Well, after playing dayz... Bf4 is a godsend.
  2. Nice Video!   Please do not include hand cam vids while you are doing anything else... Thanks
  3. Ground Armor Needs Re-Working

    Or add the death blossom from the last starfighter.
  4. Defibs only!

    @[member='DestinedToFlail']   People who whine about teabaggers have the mental age of a menopausal retiree who sits on her rocking chair judging everyone from her high horse.   " When I was your age, we walked 20 miles to school young man.. and teabagging was unheard of!"
  5. Defibs only!

    How about a Teabag only round..
  6. Is uncap camping allowed

    There is almost nothing more that ruins the game than someone with AA who spams the gunship from uncap.   You cannot kill them!   They keep shooting down the damn gunship in 6 seconds and keep doing it....   Is there a rule so I can start making ban requests??   Thanks
  7. New patch

    i found its easier to teabag people, the animation is faster.   Thats about all the difference i found.
  8. Happy Fourth, you former Colony.... ;-)

    when I get to London, can I bum a fag?   thanks
  9. I was being a doucheeee

    @[member='NikolaiRimskyK']   You know what.. You are right.   I am removing my tags and don't want ADK membership anymore so I don't tarnish the community anymore.   Besides, lot's has changed and It's not the same community it was 6 months ago anyways ( to me ).   It was fun, and I appreciate meeting lots of you, but I am going rogue.   Thanks for the ride!
  10. I was being a doucheeee

    So I am playing commander in bed on my ipad, and accidently dropped an ammo crate on a sniper on a hill in Firestorm. ( It was not an ADK server don't worry..)   Then the player lost it and called me all kinds of names etc....   Ok.... I had a bad day....     So i targeted him and kept dropping ammo crates on him where-ever he went. I think 5 times on the hill and 2 x at E ...   I snapped I guess. If he accepted an apology for the first, i would not have snapped...   Needless to say he got madder and madder every time he was killed by a crate....   But wow...   Anyways, it was fun in a twisted evil douchebag sort of way!!   I know I have to behave with ADK tags, but we all snap sometimes...    
  11. Revisions that should be made for recon players

    i want to be able to carry 10 claymores
  12. Ok dudes thanks for the info. I wish I could be lenient like you guys. I am glad you guys are admins and not me.
  13. Honestly, how many people out there let a family member or anyone for that matter play under your name?   This seems to be the latest excuse used by ban disputes..   I think it all started when f_2000 started using his bro as an excuse.   Now everyone is doing it.   I think we need to amend the rules :   " Every person on our servers is directly responsible for the actions of anyone using his/her account with or without consent"   Otherwise, whats the point having rules?   If someone borrows my car and gets a DUI, I still lose my car for 30 days.   Thanks
  14. Poor Pinkytube1 :(

    To complete the story, he did leave after that, he realized that he could not keep up the trolling . Also, hearing him cough and breathe like a 70 year old felt good... I learned a lot from this incident.
  15. Poor Pinkytube1 :(

    i never give up

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