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  1. do you have a shit bucket?

  2. EA in a nutshell

    this is AMAZING
  3. Battlefield 3 - Double XP Weekend!

    Great now I'm not going to get much sleep just remember admins stay active this weekend and watch your emails explode
  4. today!

    is my birthday!!
  5. help me!!! right meow

    ya i feel alone when i get on lol.. its rather difficult to populate by myself
  6. help me!!! right meow

    populate caspian!!
  7. BF3 - Battlelog Downtime 5/22

    its past 3am AZ time and still no battlelog!!! they are only hurting themselves at this point
  8. BF3 - Battlelog Downtime 5/22

    this is ridiculous!!! thanks EA for ruining my night!!!
  9. BF3 - Battlelog Downtime 5/22

    it wont even let me log into battlelog yet
  10. BF3 - Battlelog Downtime 5/22

    illl be here what time is that az time?
  11. @[member='AOBLXIX'] pm me i have tons of places that i can deliver those flyers around the phx area!! and please keep me updated about the mouse pads!! i want one soo bad
  12. I finally did it! [Photography]

    ill have to get on here on my mac thats where i keep all my photography stuff ill do that tomorrow and show you all what kind of photography that i am into
  13. build log

    i will be taking beauty shots tomorrow lol
  14. build log

    i just feel like there is more that needs to be done i just cant think of what lol

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