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  1. Training?

    Well....I'm not sure if there is any scheduled training going on but when do you normally get online to play? I'm normally on everyday around the evening central time. I would love to help you out with the little bit of knowledge I have. Add me to your friend list and I am always on Team speak in the League room(s).
  2. Need People to play with :(

    I know we haven't played much but dang man, that really hurts me you know. Who is Crezno? You cheating on me now? Lmao! I wanna get some rank games in with yeah.
  3. Need People to play with :(

    Add me new kitty's. "Crezmo" is the I.D.. I'm on everyday just about. Always looking for a game.
  4. Best Jungler?

    It's hard to say on this topic. Hmm.. Cause all the junglers are good. Personally favorite is "Udyr", "Sejuani", and then "Aatrox".  If I had to go with one then it would Udyr hands down. 
  5. is LOL any fun?

    Definitely worth downloading but in the end bro, it is all on you and what type of games you enjoy playing.    That so called "meta" is for the birds. If you were awesome as I am; you could play a champion in any position. Let me repeat that... "If you were as awesome as I am; you could play a champion against any other champion." Lmao!!!
  6. Season 4 Ward map and Trinket utilization

    This is really nice cyber. Thank y'all for creating this. I wish players in-game would actually help out with warding instead of whining about the support not warding. Lol! Everyone is limited to 3 wards if i'm not mistaken. 
  7. New Game Mode - Hexakill

    Ah man, i am just now hearing about this. I get behind when I'm working offshore. I will have to check it out when i can get better bandwidth for youtube. This does sound intriguing. Gonna me so much fun getting that extra 400g.
  8. Characters?

    @[member='Nightstalker5674'] go with Darius. He doesn't require a whole lot of skill to play and you will enjoy all the flaming you will get while going on your killing spree.
  9. Found my champion!

    Lmao!  That's a bad ass champion there boy.  He has like 200% CC resist. Ha!
  10. How to do better in League of Legends

    Would this be considered as wrong or a rude behavior?:  - Kill steal the rude champion each change you get. Lol! But it can be looked at in a different perceptive. "Practicing Ganks" which is highly effective to staying a head no matter who has the kills.   So upsetting the rude guy even more while winning. ^_^
  11. Hello ADK! Lets have a party!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. ^_^
  12. What made you want to play League of Legends?

    Ha! That's crazy when DOTA 2 looks so much better. lol. I still play D2 time to time when i'm offshore because it's the only MOBA i can play without using an internet connection. SMH! I wish the barge internet was much faster to play online. 
  13. Voli Carry :D

    Nice! That was an awesome for you that day. Lol!  Voli is a fun champion to play with. 
  14. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    Crezmo (Lv.30) w/ 200+ win games. Love the Jungle but can do any lane. #WhatIsAMeta? LOL!!

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