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    Major League Gaming.

    Hacking windows products.



    TellTail games.

    Magic: The Gathering.





    Anime and manga.

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  • PlanetSide 2
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    Windows 7
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    AMD Radeon 7770 HD
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    8 GB DDR3
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    Western Digital, Black Ed. 1TB
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    Sades SA-903
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    ViewSonic Pro Series PS790
  1. Maxajax, Checking in.

    YAY!!!! MAXAJAX!!!
  2. Mrs. Zsadist has arrived

    My response after seeing the title:  
  3. Member Picture Thread

    Some of these are years old. Most from last Christmas.     Me at thirteen. Sexy, I know. Me before PlanetSide:       Me at college:       Me Christmas 2013:     Me after two months of PlanetSide and first semester of college:     So, yeah. Planetside, not good for your mental health.
  4. Member Picture Thread

    @[member='Homeboy55'] Wait, so they're remaking Red Dawn, and you're in it!?!
  5. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    Revan73 level 11.
  6. What's Good ADK!

    @[member='Smurfmo']   I've had smurf lead squads for me a few times now and has been a VERY good lead.   I greatly look forward to running with him. 
  7. Hi im Antacy

    Good to see some new soldiers join us. Now, how do you like your VS? Fried or broiled? 
  8. Kon'nichiwa

    Dude! Every anime I've ever watched is on your list! Good to see a fellow otaku join up with us!   Let's go burn some spandex!
  9. My intro re-do.

    So, I kinda messed up my first intro and I think I should do it again.   -Swag Swag Swag Swag Swag Swag Swag-     My name is Park Dunbar (aka Revan73). I play PS2 and War Thunder.   In PS2 I play CQC medic( Half the time I heal people and the other half I burn holes in spandex) or MR light assault.   I will play with any platoon or squad, but I perfer to fight in a fireteam. I most excel at CQC, reviving, MR sniping, and LS tank   hunting. I despise squad leading (though I have been omplemented on my leading), but I love starting Infantry charges in proxy   voice. I'm sort of a nit-picker when it comes to squad tactics, but I usually don't say anything. One of my best strengths is that I can   play for six to eight hours without tire. (when I have I'm probably in a no-bullshit mood)     I prefer not to talk about my personality, but if you give and take orders well (and don't stress out under pressure) I may tell you a   few things about myself. (not that I'm cool or interesting)    I look forward to burning spandex with you and, as always, don't drink the coolaid.  :mellow:    For the empire!!!                                          
  10. Introducing...me

    Getting twenty posts is easy. I just put my ap in today and this is number twenty.
  11. Shockwave Of Waterson

    Longest intro I've ever seen.
  12. Hi I'm Darth

    Hey man! It's good to see another dark lord on this site.
  13. Hello

    You've come to right place! You can gun with us anytime!
  14. Hello!

    Good luck on the majors and keep fighting the good fight!

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