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    don't remember
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    I play Heroes of Newerth semi profesionally
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    Windows 7
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    i7 2600k
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    nvidia 570 gtx
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    600 watts
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    16 gigs corsair vengeance
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    2 10k rpm raptor 500gig in raid, and one 120 samsung ssd
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    logitech 7.1 surround sound
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    2 24" Samsungs
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    don't member
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    logitech g15, and a razor naga mouse
  1. Vacation

    I love the Assassin's Creed story line, the game also looks beautiful.  it's definitely worth playing.
  2. Vacation

    I love it so far, need to beat Black Flag, so I can take it back within my 7 day trial period thru gamestop.
  3. Vacation

    some of the kiddie console games are fun! 
  4. Vacation

    Hey all, just wanted to drop in and let you know I bought my ps4!!!!  I'll be on alittle vacation from the computer till I finish Assassins Creed Black Flag.  
  5. Metro Flares and Smoke

    suggestion:  with all the recent adviser promotions (congratulation btw) have one of you at all times police a round in spectate mode..  next round, it's the next guy on the lists turn,  rinse and repeat.  also, make the punishment alittle bit more harsh for infractions.     I concur as of late with all the rule breakers, the game seems less enjoyable as of late..or maybe it's the damn shotguns!!!  grrrrrr.      Just my 2cents, I'm never home in time to make it to the member meetings.
  6. Expansion Maps?

    No!  So, if they can both be on one server, life would be grand!  
  7. Expansion Maps?

    I hoping for a no explosive Metro/Lockers server!  Be cool if you play a couple matches on each side of Lockers, then Switch and play a couple matches each side in Metro.
  8. Need tips on best fps keyboard and mouse

    I hate razer keyboards, I love my naga mouse!  I also love my logitech g15.
  9. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    @Col Thanks for looking into what's going on   @[member='AOBLXIX'] It's not a belief factor, I'm fighting for the same thing you are... I want the server to be a great server, and I'm just trying to point out it's recent flaws,  so we can get it functioning properly again.   I appreciate the effort going into looking at this.
  10. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    I was moved 2-3 times in a 2 hour span last night.  This makes the game enjoyably awful, for you lose direction on what you are doing.. I'm confident that the server rules have been changed as of this last week, which makes the point of having a top server null/void, since you won't see the impact of the changes for another couple of weeks..   I'll also encourage you to log on the server and see the difference as of late. Last night I was balance 2-3 times in a 2 hour window, and the server would move 5 people at a time... then what ended up happening is one team would be so lopsided from people quitting, the wining team would have 4 points capped.  The server then wouldn't catch back up with the discrepancy till the round had 50-100 tickets left.. where's the fun in that?    keep in mind this decision to change the server rules doesn't just affect ADK members, it effect all the pubs... and the bottom line is;  people want to play with their friends always.. if they get moved, they are going to search for another server (it's already started to happen).    The only reason I'm saying this is, I'd like to have the old server rules back.. The rules that lead me to become part of a great community.  
  11. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    Is it possible to find a better solution to the issue, maybe have some inhouse rules, yet still be able to join off friends list.  I personally hate base rapes, and would much prefer a even match, while still playing with my friends/ADK members?   Maybe have some inhouse rules instead of server rules.   I've also notice other server #6 loyalist, switch to other locker servers, so it's not just effecting a few of us.  This effects everyone on the server, and people will start to look for other servers where they can play with their friends.  
  12. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    I'm new to the clan, and followed in Strict's footstep,  and also agree in majority with Jubo.  I'd like to play with my friends, other wise I feel out of place.
  13. connection problems

    I went from IE to chrome and that seemed to work... somethings fishy!
  14. Does anyone here play Battlefield 4?

    it's been fun playing with you all over the last week!
  15. Snowgoon80 Intro

    seen Snowgoon80 alot on the no explosive server. pretty laid back, fun to play with!

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