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  1. cant join any BF3 servers. help!!

    i bought BF3 ages ago and it worked fine with a few minor mess ups, and then i uninstalled it due to lack of play and i downloaded it today to start playing again and now i get to the loading level screen and it sits there for a while and then closes down and give me this error message...   ERROR Could not join server (1)   or...   ERROR game disconnected you were kicked by punkbuster. stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'ZacTheMidgit' (for 0 minutes)... this pb server requires (a1386 c2.331) - error loading pbcl   Please help me, i dont understand why its doing this?   Thanks Zac
  2. Just a quick teamspeak question

    I was just wondering when in the application process can I start to join the TS server, like I have just submitted an application and done the introduce yourself so can i know start going on TS or do i have to wait for a reply on my application?   Thanks Zac
  3. Streaming hardware and software

    i was wondering if someone knows what is the cheapest but best hardware for streaming, as i have always wanted to stream but my computer is just not good enough. and also any recommendations on the software i should try?   Thanks Zac
  4. Uncertainflowery

    Hey Flowery, welcome to ADK and good luck if your applying, yesterdays Dayz session with you and the others was awesome!
  5. cant join any BF3 servers. help!!

    Thanks for your help but i have managed to sort it after messing around with PB... i remember why i got annoyed at this game now haha Hit me up in TS if you ever wana play my TS name is ZacTheMidget and my origin name is ZacTheMidgit
  6. cant join any BF3 servers. help!!

    i use chrome and i sorted out that problem by re-installing punkbuster but now i get this error instead!!! Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'ZacTheMidgit' (for 0 minutes) ... RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe
  7. Looking for some members to play LoL with

    ZacTheMidget, hit me up any time :)

    ZacTheMidgit though i only have battlefield 3 on origin.   (ZacTheMidget was taken uinfortunatly)
  9. Hello everyone my names is Zac and before I get everyone asking, no im not actually a midget. The name was made back in high school when I used to be the smallest in my entire year and since then I have just stuck to the name.   A little bit about me, im 18 years old living in Britain and still living at home with the father (unfortunately haha) but im at college studying public services and IT, I hope when I finish these courses I can go onto either joining the Royal Air Force or the British Army working on Helicopters. My dream job would to be a pilot but I don't have the grades to go straight in as one so I need to work my way up from the bottom but hey at least when I reach my goal the achievement will be all that greater :) Currently I play League of Legends, DayZ SA, Counterstrike: GO and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions but im just waiting to get more games like chivalry medieval warfare.   My reason for wanting to join ADK is because im tired of gaming alone and especially in DayZ I need some people to watch my back, but really I hope I make some new and amazing friends :)   Thanks for taking the time to read this Zac
  10. Just a quick teamspeak question

    Thanks you for the quick reply :)
  11. ZacTheMidget - Finally! a community worth joining.

    haha im not a midget! im normal sized now :) and thanks but unfortunately I don't have BF4 but I do have BF3.

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