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  1. XBMC, Kodi, etc

    Anyone running XBMC, kodi, plex, myth?   I currently run XBMC front ends connected to a backend mysql/xbmc machine.   Sickbeard/usenet setup.     Can anyone relate?  
  2. CPU i7 CORE

    i7 3820 2001 chipset 3+ years ago.  Still now signs of slowing with anything I do.  32GB ram, nvidia 970, SSD, etc.
  3. Hyper threading

    I have been rocking I7 since 920, now running 3820 2001 chipset.  Never looked back. 
  4. Yeah Samsung!!!!!   It's not a tough design decision.  
  5. Black metal played in Major Scale

    I found this video and thought it was right on.   List to the two different scales.  So funny.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq8ODuozdIo  
  6. Whenever we purchase new machines at work with SSD drives, I usually refer my team to this website. http://www.overclock.net/t/1133897/windows-7-ssd-tweaking-guide   Most important parts:   Verify TRIM is enabled on your SSD Disable automatic defragmenting Disable System Restore (If OS is on SSD) Reduce Page File Size  I STOP ALL PAGE FILES, none!!!!!!!! Disable Hibernation Disable Superfetch (SSDs are Fast enough to disable Superfetch to free up RAM) Enable Write Caching on your SSD Disable Indexing on your SSD     I tend to ignore the rest of their "suggestions".   I have been doing these steps for at least 5 years and have had 0 issues.   I always delete the page file also which tends to raise issues in forums.   8GB of RAM recommended for this.      
  7. SSD (Solid State Drive) Tweak Guide

    @[member='Friskies']  Backups...  
  8. SSD (Solid State Drive) Tweak Guide

    Sadly, I don't think I have the option of changing this.  I will take the suggestion next time.
  9. XBMC, Kodi, etc

    @[member='lvcircuit']  Setup in 10 minutes?   I'm guessing you know Linux a little more than me. :D
  10. I would recommend a 256GB SSD Samung Evo for boot and programs and install all games to a large HDD.   For sure, get a 970 and a RAM upgrade.  Nothing wrong with 7 and a SSD.  I ran it for 4-5 years before switching to 8.1.   Way faster than it was with the 1TB HDD I had.   This is one of my favorite SSD tweak guides.  http://www.overclock.net/t/1133897/windows-7-ssd-tweaking-guide I follow most but not all options.
  11. 94 degrees C?    Try resetting bios to erase any possible incorrect overclock settings.  @[member='Faustulus']
  12. Energy Efficency tips

    This would be best for existing equipment.   http://www.amazon.com/P3-P4400-Electricity-Usage-Monitor/dp/B00009MDBU
  13. Energy Efficency tips

    @[member='Tygersthunder'] That's a tough question.  Try using sleep mode with it if you want to save energy.  That will be your best bet with any equipment that's not being used as a server. 
  14. My first thought it to look for bulged capacitors.    That is the leading cause of what you described.     Newegg reviews report of many boards dying as well.   http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128421   Might be time for a new board.
  15. I just finished a laptop for a customer.  They had a 14" Alienware laptop.  The hinges seized up and ended up cracking the LCD back bezel.    I have worked on my fare share of laptops, but I cannot begin to figure out why the hinges were not structurally mated to the LCD screen itself.  Most machines have the hinges that screw to the lcd frame which is attached to the LCD screen itself.   This laptop everything was separate.   Since the hinges became stiff and seized, it snapped the back bezel in many pieces.  I googled and many Alienware machines have had this issue.  Dell in fact was offering replacement parts for awhile.   My only solution was to purchase a used bezel off of ebay and to bend and loosen the existing hinges.   This seemed to work fine, but boy did this machine have a ton of screws.  Did I mentioned the screws were all sorts of different thread sizes and lengths.   Not a machine to work on for the weary.     Anyone with similar experience? 
  16. I mainly repair computer in homes.  Have been doing it since 1998.   I have only come across 2 gaming oriented laptops.  Both were Alienware.  The first was Alienware before Dell got it's hands on it.   This one has OS issues and it needs to be reformatted so not a hardware issues.  The second was a recent Dell alienware machine which seemed nice but had bezel issues.    So to answer your question, I have only worked on the Alienware computers before.  Personally if a client asked me what to buy, I would choose the safe route and tell them to purchase Alienware as my reputation is on the line.  I could not simply suggest one of the many other companies out there that claim to have the next best gaming laptop. Even if the "Internet" reviews said something was good.   If I have money to throw around, sure take a gamble.  Some customers never listen to my advice and do what they want anyway.
  17. XBMC, Kodi, etc

    @[member='CipherLogic']  Nice and simple.  I used to do that but felt I needed more.   That method wasn't really passing the wife test and I wanted to also be able to sort and watch trailers.  I also like sending youtube videos from my phone to the XBMC.   I know there are a lot of other solutions out there but I figured I would try something new and learn more about linux in the process.  
  18. XBMC, Kodi, etc

    @[member='Bromance']  I already run a couple of websites so adding the XBMC database to this server was a no brainer.  
  19. @[member='lordhi']  That would work well with a child's hand.  So small.  
  20. XBMC, Kodi, etc

    @[member='Dylbags99']  I ended up settling on a WAMP server running mysql for an XBMC backend.  For the front end, I have my first Kodibuntu server pointing back to the database for movie shares, info, etc.   This way when I setup my next box, it can share the same libraries.
  21. @[member='jimmycool630']  I really cannot comment on gaming laptops other than repairing them.   I think if you have the money to burn, a gaming laptop would be fun but for most regular gamers, a PC is the best route for bang/buck and is capable of more upgrades.   
  22. Dell XPS 8700 Setup

    Some Dells, HPs, etc have strange shaped power supplies.   They cannot always be directly replaced.  At least without modification.   I would research from other users if you can swap for a regular power supply.  
  23. SSD (Solid State Drive) Tweak Guide

    Good to know.  I hadn't yet been in that situation.
  24. @[member='changeofx']  SOOOOO many screws.  Way more than a regular Dell laptop.  
  25. Getting the ADK Android App

    @[member='suckahell']  Nice find.  I hope this works out for @[member='jimmycool630']

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