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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Jump in Planetside, grab your A2G Reaver and start blasting https://soundcloud.com/excision/excision-shambhala-2013-mix   I promise you wont be disapointed
  2. Canada eh?

    I love how the Edmonton fans have no issues tearing apart the Canucks even though we have nothing to cheer about.  At least its January and all Canadians can rally together behind one team.  Watchin the IIHF world juniors gives me hope cause you know Edmonton's gonna have first round draft again this year ;)
  3. Hey Guys, how's everyone doing? MaxDoubT here!!  I've been a PS2 player for a little over a year now and have gone through a few outfit transitions in that time.  I was a former COLG officer, then moved with some of the officers to CTRD then even back to COLG for a bit and through it all I've spent a lot of time playing with ADK public platoons.  I'm looking forward to fighting with an outfit that regularly has multiple full platoons and you will be be able to count on some good participation on my part.  I'd like to help out with training ops and maybe some small squad special tactics. Thanks guys I'll see you in game and on TS.

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