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  1. Finally Found it!!!

    Why don't they add these in-game yet!? 
  2. Haha I really liked the DMRs in BF3 but now its.. not even worth trying the DMRs. But reload animations does sound like a possibility.
  3. There is a lot of weapons that need to be buffed/nerfed. For example the DMRs need a huge buff. And the grenade spam could be nerfed too. But which weapons would you like to see buffed/nerfed?
  4. I hate battlefield so much...

  5. So I watched LevelCaps video about him talking about that DICE had removed the Levolution from the China Rising DLC. He found out about this by a guy on Reddit. The guy had found some files that were from the Levolution itself from the China Rising DLC. And that Levolution was Snow storms, Sand storms, and Heavy fog. People were upset that they didn't have Levolution in the China Rising DLC. Considering that Levolution is a big part of BF4. But the question is, why did DICE remove it? or was it a mistake?   I would really like to see the snow storm! 
  6. A Battlefield 4 Night Map?

    Yes! Dawnbreaker is a very good example. 
  7. A Battlefield 4 Night Map?

    It would differently bring a new aspect to the game, like maybe it would make you have to be more stealthier? or make you check your surroundings  a lot more? but did you see that night mod for BF3 on Operation Metro?
  8. A Battlefield 4 Night Map?

    Yeah haha I think they are holding off about releasing new expansion packs until they fix more problems with the game.
  9. A Battlefield 4 Night Map?

    I wish DICE added a night map to BF4! The only map we have closest to a night map sort of is Operation Locker because of the lights going out haha. I would like to see a night map brought into BF4. Can you imagine Siege of Shanghai if it was night time? Like in the campaign? It would be spooky! or maybe they can add Tehran Highway or Death Valley back? but a little less blue.
  10. Why is the SRR-61 the most used Sniper Rifle?

    For me, I would like more velocity over bullet drop comrade. But I am starting to love the M98B!
  11. I started using the SG553 and it is a beast!
  12. What game would you cross with battlefield?

    Same thing I was thinking! I feel that DICE can pull it off. If EA will allow them to do that is haha
  13. You can do a 180 turn in Battlefield 4?

    I was kidding comrade haha but yeah that is true. It seems to upset a lot of people.
  14. You can do a 180 turn in Battlefield 4?

    Don't worry comrade. I will. 

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