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  1. BF1 Ultimate Edition

    So i just found out that Open Beta will begin August 31st and i am excited to try this game out! So i went to Origin, eww yea i know right, to see if by some miracle i would be able to download the game now. Nope, i still don't have a key for it...sadly. I also noticed a new edition, the Ultimate edition which includes the BF1 premium pass and some other stuff i care less for. So i was wondering if i should buy the Ultimate Edition or if they will release a separate premium edition that won't cost so damn much. I jumped on to BF4 some months ago, so i don't know how they release all of these editions, might they release a premium edition in the distant future?
  2. Battlefield 1 system requirements announced

    I refuse to believe that my 970 cant handle the release version of this game, on at-least high settings. We will soon find out
  3. BF1 Gameplay First Impressions?

    The Open Beta was fun. With that being said i understand that many feel that Tanks are Over Powered, well that's because they should be. It was a time filled with trench warfare, how would they advance the lines? Through tanks of course. They are meant to be scary and Over Powered. BF1 does a great job capturing that aspect, unlike BF4. Taking out a tank in BF1 was much more satisfying than any other Battlefield game i have played. Definitely looking forward to playing the game on release.
  4. Battlefield 1 BETA

    And am in!!!, i will see you guys in WW1.
  5. Battlefield 1 BETA

    I did not know about this until i saw it on Facebook, Thank you Facebook!!
  6. StarCitizen 3.0 Gameplay Preview - Gamescon 2016

    Haven't played in some time, but once i heard that in 3.0 we would be able to land on any part of the rendered planets, that sold me to want to jump back into Starcitizen. Definitely looking forward to this update!!
  7. Geforce GTX 1070 or 1080?

    Welp, it seems i am too late. But i will post this either way for any one that isn't able to decide between the two. I currently have a 970 and had the same dilemma when it came to the 970 or the 980. After comparing both cards, the 980 was indeed the supreme of the two but i did not see a need for that sort of upgrade, nor did i have the money at the time. So i went with the 970 and it is still running like a race horse. So in short, compare both cards and truly ask yourself if you need the extra speed..if not than go for the cheaper one. I understand that longevity is always a concern, but if the higher model isn't that much different from the cheaper one than it shouldn't make a difference.
  8. Getting Started: Beginner Guide

    Great beginners guide @LtNoobslayer i was evolving some Pokemon and was looking at the individual special attack damage for each Pokemon. As the special attack damage gets higher, the bar becomes smaller. Does this mean that it can be used more frequently? Am guessing you will touch on this in the advanced guide, looking forward to reading more!
  9. So think very carefully about friendly fire...who would you like to shot...say YES!!
  10. Count to 1,000

    1667.592 divided by 3.657
  11. Howdy Folks

    Welcome to ADK @Jordan Rainey Glad to see another Battlefield player. Are you looking forward to battlefield1? It's going to be different from BF4 because well all of the tech will be not be in the game. That is what am looking forward to the most. On BF4 you can find me in the ADK TDM server. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay!
  12. Dildo is watching

    Welcome to ADK @The Dildo Overlord You have an ... interesting forum name. Di you play any other games? Or perhaps any other game modes in Arma3? I saw Arma 3 Day z gameplay and fell in love with it. Again, welcome to ADK. Enjoy your stay!
  13. What's Up All

    Welcome to ADK @PsychoCJ Glad to see another Battlefield player joining our ranks. Are you looking forward to battlefiled 1? I haven't preordered it yet, but will definitely get around to playing it. On Battlefield 4, you can find me on the ADK TDM server. Again, welcome to ADK. Enjoy your stay!
  14. Let me introduce myself ...

    Welcome to ADK @DeevsX Good to see another addition to our Battlefield section. Are you looking forward to Battlefield 1? I know i am! In Battlefield 4, you can find me in ADKs' TDM Server. You said you are a mod on twitch, i was wondering which channel(s) do you currently mod for? I watch certain streamers more than other. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay!
  15. Bounty reporting for duty!

    Welcome to ADk @Bounty You my friend have a great taste for games. I enjoyed all of the Dawn of War games, i played every single one (up to retribution) and enjoyed every minute of it. Nice to see you coming over to PC, i have been on PC for over 10 years now. Can't remember the last time i held a gaming console controller. I am also very excited for Battlefield 1, as for Battlefiled 4 you can catch me in the ADK TDM server. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay!
  16. Introduction

    Welcome to ADK @Martzipan Great to see another Battlefield player. Are you excited for Battlefiled 1? I know i am! Ever want to wreck some peoples faces in Battlefield4 , you can find me on the ADK TDM server. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay!
  17. Hey

    Welcome to ADK @Dr Smith Being part of ADK doesn't necessarily mean that it will earn you respect. Personally, i will respect you as long as you show me the same respect. We have dedicated members in the ARMA section who will more than glad to have you on-board. Again, welcome to ADK and i hope you enjoy your stay!
  18. MikeBay introduction

    Welcome to ADK @MikeBay I know the h1z1 ADK community will exceed your expectations. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay.
  19. Hello everyone here at ADK!

    Welcome to ADK @KoldVenom You mentioned that you are a Web Designer, that term always confuses me. So do you code HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and the such or do you mainly just work with Illustrator, Photoshop and other content creation software? I ask because i am currently a web developer and i understand that it can also be refereed to as web design. Nonetheless, welcome to ADK and i hope you enjoy your stay!
  20. chillin

    Welcome to ADK @chillin I have been meaning to get into the Day z mod of Arma 3. Last i saw it, it just absolutely breathtaking. Such a clean looking mod, with so much to do. Have you been able to play it? If so, what do you think about it? Again, welcome to ADK and i hope you enjoy your stay!
  21. Shakybay

    Welcome to ADK @ShakyBay You will find that the H1z1 ADK server is as great as the legends say. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay.
  22. Hola - ieNaro

    Welcome to ADK @iennaro_chile We seem to have many new H1z1 players, glad to see the community expanding in culture and numbers. Am not from chile, but yo puedo hablar espanol, soy dominicano. Vienvenido a ADK, hope you enjoy your stay!
  23. Hi i'm Lauty

    Welcome to ADK @Lauty You will find that the ADK servers are always well maintained by our dedicated admins. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay!
  24. HI

    Welcome to ADK @saturale Seems that you enjoy playing survival games. Have you played Ark yet? It is a great game. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay!
  25. Hello friends

    Welcome to ADK @gersonnc I haven't played H1Z1 in some time. Last i played it was a single game, now i hear it was split into two games. ADK servers are the best maintained servers you will find for ANY game, our admins are always on-top of hackers and rule breakers. Again, welcome to ADK and enjoy your stay!

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