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  1. ADK BF1 Servers

    Why so high of pings? servers are showing at +90 with Scar running 130 from Phoenix AZ
  2. ADK BF1 Servers

    please tell me the Argonne 24/7 is testing only. I despise that map. Metro with trees
  3. Server Reputation Information

    Is there a place I can look up the infraction point I have?
  4. #7 down?

    one pleasent side effect. #7 EU is full. I have never seen that at this time of day.
  5. #6 No Explosives Humor

    whether the nazi label is a dig or not depends on why it was applied. I was called the Network Nazi at a previous job but in 10 years, no network compromise and the only virus outbreak was when the CFO let an unscanned laptop from a consultant plug into my network. That was the last time he F'd up like that. So take the label and wear it proudly. you earned it.
  6. I finally caved in to EA's ransom of benefits of Premium.   But only because Orgin has it for $30. And the great part was, it awarded me 63 battlepacks, of which 45 were Gold. As a 5-pak of Gold battlepacks is current going to $9.59, that would be $86 worth of battlepacks for $30.
  7. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    Firefox 29 would not show the APPLY button. I had to go to IE 9 to see it.
  8. Like Barbie for Men

    Thanks Novaura
  9. Like Barbie for Men

    @[member='Novaura']   OOPS, wrong forum. I meant to post in General Chat, unless there is a more apropriate spot.   My bad.
  10. Like Barbie for Men

    It is so TRUE!!  
  11. random junk

  12. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    what I dont see anywhere in this thread is the method of application to the Platoon.
  13. I'm RblDiver and I'm a Battlefieldaholic

    Rbl, had some good rounds but against you and with you. Keep up the good play.
  14. New profile for mr.parker

    it was great to spend some time recently playiing with the infamous Parker's.   Thanks for all you do for ADK

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