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    600 Watt
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    G.Saw 8gig of 1600 ddr3 ram
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    1 tb sata
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    realtek hd onboard
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    i use my 32 inch flatscreen
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    Xion Microtower
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    mouse, keyboard, turtle beach headset.
  1. Been months since i have been really active. now that i have a bit more free time, i has returned. Name is alive.

  2. New Year, Computer blows ass for ps2, lets hope for ps4's ps2..

    1. Spyderbyte88
    2. Battle.


      im workin on upgradein my cpu n motherboard, n i think once thats done ill be fine. so maybe this paycheck, if not then next month for sure.

  3. Hi this is my introdution.

    Welcome to ADK and our forums! Age is only a number, here we are all gamers. Great to have you @[member='WhiteScavengerWolf']
  4. Introduction

    @[member='Havok5'] Welcome to the forums man, see you ingame!
  5. intro to mah face

    Ran with you today @[member='APieceOfFruit'], you did a great job wile you was squad lead, dont let it intimidate ya :) Welcome to the forums, and id be glad to have you squad lead for me again.   -Name
  6. A New Champion Rises From The Sand!

    another of renekton and nasus's brethren?
  7. BlackHawk883

    Welcome to the forums !
  8. Hey guys!

    Welcome to the family Cameron
  9. Exploding Rage.

    So tonight i learned that some of my best friend in the air have now departed ADK. Im not sure how to take this, the first departure was of some pilots i had ties to, but overall was impartial to. Now i learned some of the pilots iv flown with and that remained from the last departure are now gone, im a little upset. i lost some pilots and friends from adk, not lost as overall but lost as adk gamer community friends. They now have moved on. However views they now have, i still remain a ADK gamer, i wont leave. I believe that this community is run on a respectable scale. If your community is not answering to your heed, or call. Gain support and overcome your command staff, or superiors. If you have backing and are providing positive support from the community the community will not shun you, please friends do not give up so premature. we are gamers, there are evolutions in our playstyle, we may fight a losing battle becaue of the unawreness. but we are a community, lets keep it at that. talk and vote, our current leaders and admins of our teamspeak speak for us as a whole. we vote them into their respective positions, if we are not happy with outcomes. we should voice that as a whole. currently i have no objections, but our members leaving from a comunity they themselves helped establish on some end, saddens me.
  10. Welcome to ADK man, was in teamspeak with you durring your application. Hope to see ya ingame!
  11. Turtleliest's Intro

    @[member='Turtleliest'] Welcome to ADK man, glad to see you made it to the forums.
  12. Moved, but still on the grind.

    Well, it wasn't but about two weeks ago I decided I was moving. moved to a new location. Actually moved to the town I was born in. Didn't grow up here, only spent summers, but now im here and am a carpet technician. Yes that means no matter the issue with you carpet im prolly the one you would call to solve it. We do mold, fire, suicides, pretty much anything to do with carpet and cleaning we do. Ill be licensed here soon to do it myself, but right now im just the helper that rides along. Now onto the actual shit that is going to be ADK related, its my goal to get back on track and lead a bunch of evening platoons granted I have some officers on to do so. Now since im mainly a pilot, I believe ill be asking my wing commanders for permission to take control of our air wing for minor skirmishes here and there when im online, ultimately guided my wing commanders. Alerts of course ill follow suit and learn as much as I can depending on which takes control, but I do really want to become something usefull to our outfit. Since my main focus has been the air for the last 4 or so months, and I love it, ill prolly continue focusing on that. HOWEVER!!! I started off being a grunt, a ground troop pounding points, I also wish to continue that and if im able, I would also like to help out leading some late night platoons as either a platoon lead, or squad lead. Since my time gone I have gotten rusty on leading, I will be the first to admit this as my whole goal to becoming an officer in time, is to be correctly trained in the field I wish to lead, weather its just in the air or on the ground directing our forces where we need. I love the game and im always learning, im not perfect or even awesome by my standards. I am a great listener and if your tactic is explained and im able to see on the map your route of entry and attack, ill do my ultimate best to accomplish that goal. Now im not the greatest platoon lead, and that's why I always try to squad lead to try and see how they direct the platoon, the main goal im learning as this is the actual, points of entry and best route to overcome the obsticale. So all my officers out there, thank you for teaching me your ways, and thank you for letting me squad lead for you. Many of you don't know iv applied to be an officer, and I don't wish to throw that in any of your faces. I beliee if im worthy of leading and im ready to take the reigns, I will be talked about and recognized as many of the officers I respect and follow without question. That is my model I wish to aquire, time will tell if I can make my own standards, the main thing I need is to lead, the paperwork is simpe enough. but my lack of leading lately has diminished my leading confidence. I hope to see you all in the field in the coming weeks, and even more in the air. ADK Fallen Angel -NameRejected.
  13. Recently moved and started a new job. Horrible net so far, im looking into a new router and upping my internet speed. Im fiending for some PS2

  14. Curiousity and Patience.

    So I'm sitting here at the Amerish Warpgate thinking to myself, its fairly early and no ones on. So my bright idea is to grab a Lib and just chill wile I drink my coffee and wake up, hopeing someone I know comes on and we can slay some spandex. So I'm sitting here and a friendly Galaxy comes whipping into the Warpgate like he just stole a car, belly slides up to my Lib and catches fire in the process. I panicked thinking, "I'm doomed!" and take a small hop to the side, as the Galaxy comes to a stop the pilot in proximity whispers. "Hi there, I seen you from that hill there, and I think your beautiful." Obviously I was being trolled but I bit the bait to see where it went. With some sweet nothings exchanged between our aircraft, the Galaxy lifted off elegantly. However, in our time talking we had both forgotten about the Galaxy being on fire, and as it flew away it exploded.....and I shook my head silently. I never did see that pilot again... -NameRejected-
  15. Sundi-day Thoughts.

    Well its the first blog iv thought about making. today youll all hear about my random thoughts on squad formations. As an aspiring officer it has occurred to me that the BCT guidelines listed are not followed by our officers. Maybe we need a weekly BCT drill, im former military and structer is key, however to much structer is a very bad idea. we need our platoons to rapidly deploy faster, abandon vehicles when told to do so, and to be on primary objecived and not points. WE REALLY need to drill this into our platoons. The venting im doing now is going to prevent me from mass murdering my breaker pods into the warpgate spawn room in frustration. lol!! alright, I don't team kill on purpose and that's another issue iv currently got. if we are trainging our officers about these BCT (basic combat training) things then why do I have people running down my fire lane? I know ill not find answeres tho these question, and im not looking for them. I just am venting, pointing out and smashing my trigger finger repeatidly at enemies. Thanks for you time, don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. GTFO!!! lol jk!! -name

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