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    win 8.1
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    Intel i7-4770 3.4 GHZ
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
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    CoolerMaster 750 Watts
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    8 gig
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    256 SSD, WD 1 TB HDD
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    Kingston Expert Mouse Ball
  1. Jasta565 in da house

    Welcome aboard! ADK may be large but definitely not intimidating! Enjoy your stay!
  2. Preditorian has arrived.

    Welcome to the ADK forums and family Ron. The group here is super friendly...you'll love it here :lol:
  3. Hi I'm Ellephant, and I play Planetside 2

    Welcome to ADK! Glad you decided to join us. Hope to see you on TeamSpeak and in game on PS2 B)
  4. Hi, my name is Kai

    Welcome to the ADK family! B)
  5. Hi ADK!!

    Thanks for coming to ADK! It's like a big family here. Hope to see you on TeamSpeak! B)
  6. to ADK and planetside

    Welcome to ADK and hope to see you in game and on TeamSpeak! B)
  7. Intro from a PS2 player

    Welcome to the ADK Community! Oh yeah.....I remember playing Doom too!! Be sure to get active on TeamSpeak whenever you are on. B)
  8. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the ADK Family! This is a really friendly community so you should enjoy it here m8! B)
  9. Hey all!

    Welcome to ADK! I'm pretty new here so I don't remember that previous characters name. Hope to see you in game and on TeamSpeak! B)
  10. Vildhjarta reporting for duty!

    Welcome to the ADK Family! Everyone here is very friendly so I think your going to feel good about joining us. Get on TeamSpeak as much as you can and hope to see you in game soon B)
  11. HelloMy

    Welcome to the ADK Community and family. I think you will feel right at home here. Hope to see you in game and on TeamSpeak B)
  12. Hello

    Glad you found us here! Welcome to our ADK family community! I also got started in the Unreal Tournament days along with Quake 3 etc. It was a great time for gaming. Hope you enjoy it here as everyone is super friendly! B)
  13. Website Downtime - 1/15 [Please Read]

    Good luck with the upgrades!   We all appreciate your efforts! B)
  14. Spyder here saying hello!

    Welcome to the ADK family! B)
  15. Hello all

    Welcome to the ADK Community! B)

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