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  1. so yeah, like the title, i have tried repairing and this keeps popping up. Help :( I'm sad  
  2. Introducing Battlefield 4 Platoons

    yeeeeee this gon be more fun
  3. Look At This Gay Crap

    bahahahahha bad luck pepsi
  4. Attack boat

    My absolute favorite thing to do in Paracel Storm is to use the boat. So many points!!!!!!
  5. Pistol Guide

    It's all about that shorty 12g on the sidearm servers mwahahaha
  6. Either that or I just suck, which I'm leaning more towards.. [attachment=2299:bf4 1-11-2014 5-50-58 PM-136.jpg]
  7. I have some advice....

    I want to get a hang of the mk just because it's one of my favorite rifles, it just sucks that it is so hard to play with in the game. I agree DMRs suck :P
  8. Razer gaming worth the money?

    Once I cash the paycheck I will :D
  9. Razer gaming worth the money?

    @[member='IIGodHanzoII'] Haha I use the bare wooden desk :P I might have to go find a mousepad now
  10. Razer gaming worth the money?

    @[member='IIGodHanzoII'] I use a Logitech G100 right now but i want to know if upgrading to a different mouse if i would even see a difference
  11. Been looking for some cool gaming accessories and of course Razer came up. Are the products over hyped and overpriced or are they actually worth the money? I'm thinking a gaming mouse and a mic/headset combo. It's hard to justify spending almost $200 on something like this. Thanks
  12. do we need a balancer in TDM

    @[member='codeinekiller'] Play better? :P
  13. These people getting 70 plus kills per match...

    glad I'm not the only one haha. I feel bad if I camp in a hallway with an LMG and FLIR, but that seems like the only way that I can get kills.
  14. ACE 52 CQB -Coyote RDS -Laser sight -LS06 suppressor -Angled grip   Seeing as this is a CQB rifle, at close range, this seems most effective to me. The downside is that there's like 26 shots in the mag and that can get annoying. A total of like 4 mags worth of ammo when I'm on a killing streak clearing a building sucks big time, but I've gotten my bigger kill ratios so I'll stick with what works
  15. These people getting 70 plus kills per match...

    I feel like I contribute a lot to those kills haha, I cannot seem to get a hang of Lockers. It's so crowded and I end up getting mowed down or caught inbetween snipers and generally spawn and die haha

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