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    windows 8
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    asus maximus vi formula
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    i7 4770k 4.8 GHZ
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    GTX 780 TI
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    corsair ax860i
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    corsair dominator platinum 32GB
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    4x Samsung 128GB 840 Pro Series SSD in raid 0
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    Sumsung S27B550
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    corsair obsidian 900d
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    logitech G19

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  1. Time to RMA the 780 TI

    I have bad luck to will take a week or 2 to get a new one the lucky thing is I have an old 5970 laying a round so I will use that till my new 780 gets here
  2. Time to RMA the 780 TI

    15 week old NVidia GTX 780 TI has died on me was playing planet side 2 wean it failed
  3. Windows 8

    windows 8 is good but it need's a start menu and I have run benchmark's and its faster than windows 7 but not buy much as you may think
  4. Sound cards?

    the asus xonar phoebus is a awesome sound card
  5. Logitech G700 gaming mouse

    look's like a nice mouse mite have to get one
  6. Windows 8

    I use windows 8 with a start dock 8 start menu its not a bad os wean you dumb the metro ui. with the start dock start menu its just like windows 7 boots right to the desktop
  7. AMD 290x reviews

    I had an r9 290x and it got way to hot  95c and 80 with the fan at 100% I wold wait for the aftermarket cooler's to come out be for buying one
  8. R9 270x better than 650ti?

    I had an amd r9 290x and it was not that good it was way to hot with the fans at 100% 80 to 95C buggy driver's am now running GTX 780ti witch is a nice card
  9. hi all

    thanks guys is nice to meet you all
  10. AMD New line of GPU's

    I had a r9 290x I did not like it was to hot 95c am now running a GTX 780 TI
  11. New keyboard?

    I wold get the new Logitech g19 keyboard it is awesome
  12. Best Video card for your $$$?

    I wold all so say the NVidia GTX 760  best bang for you buck
  13. Skill is a worthless number

    I couldn't care less about my stats or anyone elses. I think people should focus on teamwork.
  14. Driver Hung Error... NVIDIA GTX 560

    That's odd. Noticed there was a new driver patch today...
  15. Need to vent...RE: BF4

    I went back to Battlefield 3 as well for the multiplayer issues. Actually, I've ended up in Planetside 2 and don't have any performance issues.

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