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  1. Hi, I'm Monty

    i's say welcome to the forums   on a side note i am pretty sure you are pre banned from the MC servers ;)
  2. Community Meetings - Every Wednesday

    helpfull  thanks :)   Edit: happon to have these in text as i cant realy listen to it at work :p
  3. hello everyone for those who do not know or forgot about this little gem only 2 days left!   http://www.tirzitis.se/tod/        
  4. Dutch ADK members ?

    any dutch adk members ?  if yes  ready for a meetup ??   drop me a line and we might be able to meet / lan
  5. connection problems

    @[member='WARWOLF'] even when you attempt trough a different browser ??
  6. PietroB, service is on!

    Welcome to the community hope you kick some ass in connery good luck on the app   and for all of you PS2 players get a life and buy BF4 its way better hehe
  7. welcome to the community i hope you'll make it   see you on the battlefields
  8. Can't Join Server

    for everyone having connection trouble on #6   read this post http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/46233-connection-problems/page-1
  9. connection problems

    no but even when i refresh it myself ppl on the server say its not fullwhile the page says it is
  10. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ld9z_aladdin-a-whole-new-world-japanese_shortfilms
  11. connection problems

    guess its time to make a new fav server :P perhaps transplant the server 5 settings to 6 and the sever 6 settings to 5 ??   edit.  on battlelog it says 64 players and 5 cued on server in the top bar of the sever page. while clearly the game contains only 53 ppl
  12. Thelandofbattlefields's national animal is the DoDo, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests,

  13. connection problems

    tried that 3 times it just wont connect  keep getting black screen with the loading img   i will now get my ben&jerrys and cry some :(  then off to bed and retry tomorow (later today as its 1:30am)
  14. connection problems

    seems to be only 6 as far as i tried

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