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  1. Start LTC mining, $15+/day

    fyi from all the people flooding the ltc mining pools recently the difficulty is going to go up very fast and b unprofitable very quickly, best advice is if u arent already up and running with a profitable miner that has broke even dont do it, invest the money into them instead. the next few weeks it will get much worse as people have hardware in the mail or rigs yet to b build.   http://ltc.block-explorer.com/charts/
  2. signs floating everywhere!

    there was alot of visual bugs in the campaign, like blowing up flag poles left the flags floating in air, or a really strange one was signs the size of a baseball being shot which made them fall over and while on the ground all the sudden they were like 10 times larger
  3. The VA sucks so bad, i am living off of almost nothing right now and have yet to even be assigned a doctor.

  4. defiance?

    its an mmo 3rd person shooter, so i figured there would b some people here interested in it, it comes out on tuesday
  5. Far Cry 3

    its a pretty fun game, there are mods on http://farcry.nexusmods.com/ and make sure to watch this video series since it ties into the game :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avmQTr5Kr3A
  6. defiance?

    i  was looking around on the forum and cant find anything about defiance, did i miss it or is there no one really talking about it?
  7. Best ISP - Suddenlink

    i had speed tests that were .5 - 25Mbps when i lived in new mexico and after about 2 hours and 4 techs came to the apartment they figured the only thing it could b was the wiring in the apartment and the owner wouldnt let them upgrade it. im sure that uve already had that checked and if so then its jsut that suddenlink is really that bad
  8. Check out my new toy!

    i had a revo and upgraded to almost all aluminum parts and i loved it until my friend tboned my rc car with his at full speed and made it never start/run right ever again
  9. Finally medically retired from the air force and moved, time to get back into civilian life and play some games

    1. AOBLXIX


      Wooooooaoh look who it is!

  10. SWTOR going F2P this fall

    i would go back but im not a fan of how limited the game is to those playing it for free, its not a true f2p game
  11. best tank driver ever

    i dono if this has been posted before but tell me u arent 100% jealous of these skills [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX6g8sS7QRw"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX6g8sS7QRw[/url]
  12. Hey Y'all

    i know im late to the welcome party but im sitting in a hospital thats actually even in ur state so i have had lots of time for catching up on the forums lol welcome to the clan hope u enjoy it
  13. Yo! Im here.

    [quote name='Inclement' timestamp='1344026443' post='39905'] It make me feel good that you've all jumped on this already. [/quote] everyone is always around when something/someone needs to b jumped on
  14. after Operation Raccoon City they need to redeem their name, if 6 sucks too (which i highly doubt) it will b the end of the franchise for me
  15. who will join me in a few weeks when it comes time to hoard guns like its the end of the world

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