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  1. Hello Everyone - a little bit about me

    I'm getting tempted by ESO, used to be pretty heavily into WoW but just got bored of it.  Other's have seemed like 'not as good' WoW copies.
  2. do i play unfair?

    I think you've taken my post the wrong way Codeine, I've nothing at all against high ping's and disagree with kicking people because of it and don't agree that it gives any benefit.     I was simply replying to the douche that said "if you don't have 300+ number of hours in BF4, you know nothing"   I probably had more hours than that playing Wolfstien 3d or Doom but definitely half-life, no doubt while he was still in nappies.  I'd heard everything there was to say about ping's 15 years ago.
  3. UnseenDragon get to know me!

    Hi unseen, love that little dragon logo thingie :)
  4. Win 7 > 8.1

    Maybe my subject line is a little deceiving, I meant 'from 7 to 8.1' and not '7 is better then 8.1'  Bad use of the > symbol on my behalf :) I've no doubt its a better operating system but as with many many people, the look has put me off for so long.
  5. do i play unfair?

      Please understand many here are adults who may well have 10-20-30+ years gaming experience.  A couple of months playing BF4 pales into insignificance, if someone has a high ping, someone else will always blame that for being killed.
  6. Win 7 > 8.1

    I'm using that classic shell now, great program!  This is a desktop Mr Microsoft, not a bloody 14 year old's tablet!
  7. do i play unfair?

    'High Ping' is just crap slung by those you kill.   100 ping = 0.1 of a second.
  8. Win 7 > 8.1

    thanks Dark, I'll try that classic shell. On the plus side I'm no getting 60+ fps all the time, often going over 100!
  9. Win 7 > 8.1

    Today i decided to upgrade to windows 8.1 from 7.  I've been putting it off for so long due to the general layout of win 8 with all the crappy 'tablet' type gizmo's.   Still typing to get everything back to normal, hours of fun!  I'm hoping though, when complete I should have a much better time in BF4. This morning on my own in lockers I was getting 30 fps unless I looked at the floor when It would jump to 60.
  10. Kon'nichiwa

    Hi Brandon, I'll admit I had to google otaku, never heard it before.  Welcome to the forums!
  11. Ermahgerd zembers

    Welcome to the forums Ruud, what games are you playing?
  12. Hello Everyone - a little bit about me

    Hello gorgeous :)
  13. Healthy eating .... Need recipes

    I'm in a similar position and read something about not eating 'brown' things.  For nearly two months now I've had no, or next to no potatoes / crisps / biscuits / pastry / pies / pasta / fried stuff / bread etc etc   I give myself one day a week when I can have anything I want, then try not to binge too much! Also I just drink water now, things are starting to happen, slowly but surely.
  14. New member in ADK

    Thanks Laith, and welcome to the forums!
  15. Thank you for this server. First day was EPIC!!

    Welcome captain, very commendable job you have there 

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