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    Asian women, boats, wave runners, shooting, archery, getting lost in temperate forests, games, road trips,

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    Dread the 762

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    Windows 7 64bit
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    ASUS Sabertooth Z87
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    intel I7
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    GeForce GTX 770
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    SSDx1 HDD1Tx3
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    Turtle power

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  1. Hello yall,       i have a freelancer max   cant wait tell they let me fly it its a 2 man 280 freight unit multipurpose ship big guns and huge cargo hold   powerend by 4x arc elite 400 / 8x xitech / 1x leaper jump engine   Exploration, Trading/Transport, Bounty Hunting, Salvaging, Smuggling
  2. PTU LIVE!

    oh hell yes thank you
  3. star citizen

    ya i wish i got my beefed freelancer when they had fighter one but dur and max are pimp also
  4. Hello,    Can anyone post a link for a good safe malware, spyware, adware free program to monitor cpu temp was gonna use http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ but avg said its adware have a beast comp wanna maksure i dont meltdown think im runnin 30 to 40 c but dont know anyway thanks for your time
  5. Hello Everyone - a little bit about me

    ya that was a painfull down to wach went fast but felt soooo slow i wanted a mmo elderscrolls since i was on everquest and playing marrowwind back in the day 
  6. Hello Everyone - a little bit about me

    hello so switching from wow to eso huh what servers did you play on in wow and whats your @name for eso always down to grind with some fellow mmoers
  7. I AM...... ABNIRMAL!

    ya thinking of getting a xbox one but comp is so beast dont know if its worth it 
  8. I AM...... ABNIRMAL!

    hello yes trust him check out ESO its amazing but ya i played wow from launch to cata same just killed it then what they did with talents /sigh 
  9. Naval Strike Gameplay

    ya i like NS  we needed it after some if the other xpacs and the carrier assault is nice has big open field fighting cqb some lil rush lil con 
  10. Thoughts on NS

    oh and i love the hover things throw and ammo box in ad roll out 
  11. Thoughts on NS

    love the carrier assault my little sg553 is great for it 
  12. What should Motherboard I should get?

    i would go with a asus sabertooth if you can i got one love it 
  13. OhSOGrimOne Intro

    and where do i go to add my rig's specs
  14. OhSOGrimOne Intro

    thanks yall is like 36 hours tell i get my eso live hope to see some of you in game
  15. OhSOGrimOne Intro

    thanks yall any one that play hardcore battlefield 4 on pc or is going to be playing Elder Scrolls Online on pc hit me info in profile email would be fastest

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