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  1. No Naval Strike for you.

    Buying Premium has totally been worth it! So over Dice/EA shit.....
  2. Server options

    My input?    I think permanent votemap is cool. It lets the people who are currently playing decide what the want.   Also, how is paracel winning over Zavod?! 
  3. Metro Flares and Smoke

    Why is everybody constantly on the "if you want it better, become an adviser" thing? Some of us just want to play on the server without having requirements to populate, spectate, etc. Also, some of us don't have the time to do that. There is always donations being asked for to keep the servers running... I would be much more inclined to donate, if the rules were better enforced. Just sayin....   I am really sick of seeing.. Become an adviser and your server experience will get better! No it wont. You will barely have time to play on it.   The short time I have been here, it seems that the majority of the suggestions from the community are shoved off anyway. So all these threads are just wasted time. If you aren't at the top, fuck you. I have yet to see a suggestion or desire that is widely wanted by the community get any light from the top.   And if all that gets me kicked/in trouble.. meh. So be it. It would just prove my point.
  4. So if I understand this correctly, the only reason people will use the report system is if they get something?   I think the "incentive" to use the reporting system would be to help clean the server so you yourself can enjoy it more.    What, do you want to get paid to report? Stop being so damn lazy.
  5. It finally happened

    Even if you get it to load, then you get to deal with all the other issues. EA and Dice better get their shit together and fast. There are many other games in the near future that are going to just put BF4 to shame. 
  6. What I Hate About "No Explosive Servers"

    If you hate following the rules of a no explosives servers, why would you join them? Just so you can complain about the rules?
  7. How to Revive Teammates

    This is why I dont even carry paddles anymore. People crying about being revived. Fuck it. Stay dead. 
  8. Metro ticket difference...

    I don't know if many have this same feeling, but I don't revive anymore because I am sick of the crybaby pussies that bitch about me not standing in the middle of a firefight waiting 10 seconds for a fucking full revive charge. 
  9. Cast your vote on Dice's balancing

    @[member='Cait Ulted JFK'] good point
  10. Cast your vote on Dice's balancing

    Heh, even their voting system is broken. Can they do anything right???
  11. Finally left Lockers.

    But sitting under C shooting down a hallway for hours is fun!   I think the problem is KDR and the COD mentality... People are more concerned with how many kills they get, and not playing objectives. The people who only play lockers should probably just go play COD instead. 
  12. MAV murder machine

    No they wont.        Noob
  13. I populated today

    That was a shot of his screen :D

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