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  1. Canada eh?

    Toxic Puppet here,   Canadians eh!     I'm on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo.  If any Island players want to connect...     See ya on the field!  
  2. Seriously? I have to make one of these?!

    Toxic Puppet here,   Welcome to ADK.  It's good to know we got ourselves some mean mofo air support!!!   See ya on the field!
  3. Hello Comrades! Im Sgt.Crossbones!

    Toxic Puppet here,   Welcome to ADK.  The last vestige of future civilization! ;)   See ya on the field!  
  4. Happy New year to the ADK folks

    Toxic Puppet here,   Welcome to ADK.  May this year bring you........Got to run!  Damn TR are pushing our front lines!  ;)    See ya on the field!
  5. Greetings ADK!

    Toxic Puppet here,   Welcome to ADK.  Let's go forth and kick some ass in PS2!   See ya on the field!
  6. You can call me gerald

    Toxic Puppet here,   Welcome to ADK.  Look forward to seeing you in PS2!   See ya on the field!
  7. Greetings everyone

    Toxic Puppet here,   Welcome to ADK, and may I find you in my squad.  I get get killed allot and hence have a high need for medics.   See ya on the field!
  8. Why the end of the $60 video game is near.

    Toxic Puppet here,   Addendum to my last post.   After sitting down and giving this topic a good think over a hot coffee, I am reminded that game value has decreased over the years.  The prices have been going up and we now see games upwards of $100.00 US, more in foreign lands.  My reason for posting this addendum is my sudden awareness that game value per dollar is going down due to the fact that game time to finish is much shorter, not counting sandbox type games.  So the dollar cost is much more today since the time to finish adventures has been dramatically shortened in most cases.   One final point.  Now that Hollywood and the Music industry have jumped onto the game bandwagon we are seeing less value today for our dollar.  Games are now made and marketed by these relative newcomers for profit.  This in it'self is not wrong, but you are buying hype and marketing first before game value.  It might look like a $ 100.00 game on the outside, but inside it could be a $20.00 dud.  After pouring another cup of coffee.  I have also noticed the strangling of pre release game reviews, need I say more.  There are still games made by developers for gamers and it's a marketing nightmare out there.  Like all things this is buyer beware market and your personal judgement as to whether a game is worth the price is only based on your experience after you open it up and play it out.     See ya on the field!
  9. Why the end of the $60 video game is near.

    Toxic Puppet here,   My two bits of opinion,   I enjoyed the OP article, well written and received.  I would like to continue the support of the point that it really comes down to money spent multiplied by hours in entertainment value.  I've been gaming  since the early 1980's and can remember AAA premium games were $40.00 - $ 60.00 even then.  Looking back throughout the years I can say that most of these games brought us between 100 hours and 400 hours of game time entertainment.   So in saying that 100 hours @ $ 60.00 is a mere $0.60 an hour cost in game play and at 400 hours it's only  $ 0.15 cents per hour.  Throughout the 80's, 90's and even today that would be considered a fair value.  I played pinball as a kid and we got three games for $.25 cents.  And video arcades had games for $.25 cents each.  You could go through a bucks worth of quarters in 30 - 45 min of game time.  So being able to play a game I was really interested in for 400 hours and play through some fantasy adventure or crime mystery was very, well, plainly put.  Cheap!  I know that $60.00 can be difficult for those on a budget, and so the used market offers huge discounts and savings; and with the ever increasing indie game market we now have a wide price range and gaming options that can suit anyone's budget.   All in all, it all comes down to your personal perceived value.  If you want to throw money at a game because you are really enjoying it, then have at it.  If you will get x amount of hours upon hours of fun, challenge and adventure for your $ 60.00 does it make it worth it.  Only you know.  Video games and gaming are still a great value, that's why I continue to play and have fun.   See ya on the field!!! 
  10. Site Cleanup and Such

    Toxic Puppet here,   I have really enjoyed the website and have found it easy to navigate. Good work you guys!!!
  11. YouTube Videos

    Toxic Puppet here,   thanks for the information, it is useful.  :)
  12. Website Tour (For the new folks)

    Toxic Puppet here,   Thanks for the walk through of the site.  
  13. Toxic Puppet Here

    Toxic Puppet here,   I'm very happy to have been invited to ADK.  I've been an avid computer gamer since 1981.  I've played mostly strategy games throughout the years.  I play several games on steam however Planetside 2 is where you will find me most of the time.  I really look forward to becoming a very active member of ADK and participate in both squad and platoon leadership roles as they present themselves.  I believe I'm a good leader and also a good follower and stand by a squad/platoon leader.  I like to be involved with a tight running squad since I enjoy team work and tactical game play.  Hit me up in Planetside 2 if you need a trooper to get your squad started.   See ya on the field!     
  14. Canada eh?

    ToxicPuppet here,   Yeah we Canucks can find each other in a 90 km/hour ice storm.  I'm located way over on Vancouver Island in the city of Nanaimo!  A hot coffee and laughs are always welcome...  :)         
  15. Greetings

    Toxic Puppet here!   Just a few quick lines to say hi.  I've been a long time gamer  since the 1980's and have watched throughout the years as new and better gaming experiences have come and gone.  And so here I am having been invited to ADK in Planetside 2 and thought IO'd look a little deeper.  I want to thank the ADK guys over at PS2 for being a welcoming and inviting group.  I do hope to contribute more to the competitive gaming side as we get to know one another.  So a shout out to all my pals on Vancouver Island.  See ya in game!    

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