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    Need a Crosair 600T
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    Razer. Lachesis, Key G110, Wacom Intos 4 and lots more
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  1. possibly the best gun in bf4?

    Sheezzz, I'm away for a few weeks and people are still complaining about the AWS? So if I kill you with another gun that makes me what? A BF4 super-star? lol ;)
  2. Is =adk= being too forgiving?

    The system in place is great. Becoming a bunch of little "Napoleon's" doesn't not make for a better gaming experience in my opinion. Lord knows there's enough servers that swing the ban-hammer way to frequently. ADK is not one of them and I thank them for that. More-over, it's one of the reason's why I am a member. And let's be honest here... having "no-explosives" is "not" one of the normal gaming mode for BF4. Yes, it will take some "police work" (so to speak) when your only option to play this way is to constantly police this kind of server mode. It's very hard to enforce these rules when you want to play this way. So again, swinging the ban-hammer will not improve the image nor the community of ADK. Keep, up the great work guys! Hope to be on soon -HT  
  3. Next few weeks...

    I haven't been on much the last 2 weeks and probably more of the same for the next 2-1/2-3 weeks. It's epidural season, I have 3 more to go, plus same day back surgery and the week before, I had to be in Philly for a few days for my daughter at college. I'll try to get on TS a little more at least. In a way this all came at a good time. I need a BF4 break and I've had TW-Rome 2 since Sept-October? which I tried for the first time. Love these type of games when not playing BF. Besides they are a little more relaxed and since I play the grand campaign, at least I can pause the game when my back throws a fit. Cya all soon enough. PM me if you need me
  4. M16A4 & M4 Recoil Changes (Naval Strike Patch)

    I would take advantage of the M16 with a bigger scope like the M145 (use canted sites for those close range encounters), or a Holo with a x2 Optional. My M4 is setup almost the same way except I use the Holo Sight, (yes I know you prefer the Kobra but, M4 owns with a little range).
  5. Opinions on R9270x vs 760

    I was given both the 7950HD and the 770GTX as payment for this guys system I built, otherwise I'd still be using my 460GTX. I was given the 7950 2 months beforehand but, because my system's dram runs hot (from over-clocking) I didn't want to keep the card in my case and risk my system over heating from too much heat. Regardless, the 7950 is such a beast, it really is, but, I love how cool (literally) the Asus 700 series run. And, had I spent my own money, I would have gone with the 760 too. Don't get me wrong, I love my 770 but, not at the cost of another 100
  6. Opinions on R9270x vs 760

    I actually have the 770 version but all of Asus's 700+ line runs very cool and highly over-clockable if wanted. So I agree, you have an awesome 760
  7. Naval Strike - Released - 3/31/2014

    I haven't played yet but, so far, mostly very positive feed back on the new maps; some people have mentioned that: "the new maps are some of the best maps made for BF in general." I hope truly hope so, it would be nice to have something nice to say about the game and forget the netcode/hit-registry, for a little while.
  8. Opinions on R9270x vs 760

    More than a few would agree but, more often than not, evga tends to run very warm if not out right hot. Even though the evga 760 is comparable if not better in a few ares over the asus 760, the main difference would be the asus runs luke warm at ultra settings and is very easy to over-clock without water-cooling while still running at acceptable running temperatures. They asus also comes with software to over-clock
  9. Anyone following the phantom program thread?

    hahah ... a little bit of both I would think. At the very least I think it makes us a bit feisty to put it mildly. I think @[member='AOBLXIX'] would agree
  10. Opinions on R9270x vs 760

    ASUS 760 GTX is a great card that runs very cool. You may get more bang for your buck with the AMD but, they tend to run warmer. If you have a large case or well vented case, you need not worry about cooling. From my experience, you could almost flip a coin as to what card to get. Both will run BF4 pretty good, perhaps the R9 a little better or rather higher settings with good FPS. Slightly off Topic: I have a PowerColor AMD 7950 HD , 3GB; the card is a beast (Google it). The only reason I'm not using this card is because I also have a ASUS 770 GTX. I have a very small case and the 770 runs cooler than the 7950. Otherwise, I'd be hard pressed not to use the 7950 as it has more advantages than the 770 statistically. The 7950 HD is going up for sale on eBay next weekend. If interested in the card or want more info on my experience with both cards PM me.  
  11. Sneak Peek at the next Battlelog Updates

    Ohh' dear lord. All I read was: "how many things will be (Dice/EA) break this time guys? Place your bets!!!" Honestly, I don't give a crap about how pretty battelog looks. I want proper balancing with guns and gadgets (without noobifiying them) and the damn netcode fixed already.
  12. I'm happy it helped. I believe the third option in the last video I posted helped me. I only used that option since it was simple, and it worked like a charm.
  13. Team ADK and unlocking weapons

    Thank you and you're most welcome but, 99% of the credit should go to Nox, Pepsi and their wonderful BatCave (that those two guys pay for, along with others, kind enough to help them $$), that allows any of us to be helpful in the first place.
  14. What flying in BF4 is like

    Classic Dal lol, too true
  15. Look At This Gay Crap

    No they aren't. I've received a Battlepack just kike that several times. I've had Gold Battlepacks that have been far worse than Bronze Battlepacks. Another ridiculous over sight by Ea/Dice. 

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