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  1. Pistol Guide

  2. Returning from Season 2

    I added, IGN: CatInADiaperV1 (Old account was banned due to drunken antics a year ago <_<;;)
  3. $670 to go! (Found $800 worth of upgrades that are going to need to happen within a year, but w\e)

  4. These people getting 70 plus kills per match...

    I had 67 kills on it the other day simply from looking in the halls where everyone crowds at C and shooting my AEK. It's not terribly hard to get a high kill count on 64 player Lockers.
  5. Hello I'm Micah

    Glad to see you posted up. Gotta get the rest of UNv to switch over as well.
  6. A quick word on macro's.

    I feel like what needs clarifying is what your definition of a macro really is. If you mean an injected script to change the properties of the game, I completely understand, but is it unacceptable to set a sequence of key presses to a single button? Say if I programmed my M1 key on my Razer Blackwidow 2013 to switch to defib, use it, then weapon switch, would that be allowed?
  7. Ever get called a hacker or glitcher? What do you do?

    I use all 9001 hax bruv Dem stats doe
  8. Skill is a worthless number

    I hate how in BF4 the skill stat is the biggest number in your stat sheet. In BF3 nobody gave a crap because it was this teeny thing on the bottom, but why make it the biggest number now?
  9. Returning from Season 2

    Alright. I still have no clue what I'm doing though. D: People play so different now.
  10. MTAR-21

    MTAR is definitely in top-tier of weapons, but outside of Lockers/Domination/TDM, it's not god-tier. ACE 21/23 are the top two with ACE 52 coming close in my opinion (52 just gets dunked on too hard by fast firing weapons in any range it's useful, unless you can counter suppression).
  11. Returning from Season 2

    Hey guys, I haven't played League intensively for a while, and I need help getting back into PvP with the new updates/champs (been playing a bit of bots here and there to try to understand everything new, I've been useless in PvP so far). I've mained ADC since I started a while ago, and I already researched/found that Lucian/Jinx/Sivir is the new holy trinity of ADs while others are still somewhat viable. Any tips would be great.
  12. Saving for streaming PC and upgrades... $1300 to go! \o/

  13. Best Moment in Battlefield 4

    Every time I hear some variation of "GODDAMNIT DELIRIUM"
  14. Recoring BF4 gameplay?

    The method that the high quality streamers/recorders are currently using is to build a second low-end PC with a capture card feeding from the second video output on your video card in your main box, and either stream or record/edit content on the second. I'd recommend this option if you have money/a second unused PC that you'd be able to do this with. You'd have better quality and FPS in your games and recording.
  15. EA/DICE facing lawsuit over shitty BF4 launch

    Kinda makes me -not- look forward to their SW: Battlefront 3 release.

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