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  1. Playing instruments

    I used to play saxophones, tenor and barry for the most part, thinking of picking up a fiddle or a violin, but depends on whats happening.
  2. Not direclty PS2,But It does concern us all.Be in The Know!

    That was a really good video, informative and I have been reading into tech related privacy policies and what not. Thank you for posting and its good to let people know about this and hopefully we can protect our privacy.
  3. Miniatures Games

    I thought I would see if anyone shares my hobby, playing tabletop strategy and skirmish level games as well as painting models and what not. I play Warhammer 40k and Warmachine. I have spent some time getting into the new Warlord Games Bolt Action, the WW2 skirmish level game with a french Chausser platoon supported by some medium and light armor. For 40k I have two full Platoons of WW1 Style french Krieg Infantry. Half painted and the rest on the back burner.   Being that warmachine is my go to game these days, I have a large mercanary army, most of the faction, some Khador and Cygnar as well as Minions. I have been only into it for about a year and a half now, but I really enjoy the game mechanics and how the rules are so straightforward.         Other than that what games does everyone play and if you have pictures of your work, i would like to see what you have done. Always interested in seeing everyone techniques.   Most of my work is on my instagram so your all welcome to check it out.   http://instagram.com/kloas
  4. What's your occupation?

    Prep drone and chef in training, slave to the kitchen. I work 50-55 hours a week and am not really mad about it, work while im young seems to be my motto at the moment. I really like working in a kitchen, my hands are battered and scarred from knife work and from scrubbing pans from when i first started. Im moving up to grill work and doing a lot more as the owner of the restaurant I work at is getting me a lot of experience with good technique and long hours in the kitchen. On the side I am a commissions painter for miniature games, fantasy, warhammer, warhammer 40k and a whole range of other stuff. I mostly work, dont have much time for much else, but im not too bothered by it.
  5. Tyeral

    Happy to see your interested in ADK, apply for officer when you get in too, you'd be good.
  6. New gun range near me

    Dude. go to the range in Woodbridge that just opened up in Jersey, its awesome and I would recommend going any day. The range is really nice as an indoor range in Jersey.    http://gunforhire.com/
  7. CS:GO

    I play from time to time, its always a good time and fun to play with a crew.
  8. My introduction Thread

    Welcome to ADK and a Merry Christmas to you.
  9. ADK CIV 5

    I would be interested in playing, I do have some of the expansions, but not a lot of them.

    I am enjoying the time I have spent here so far, there are a lot of people to meet here though, so it will take some time.   10th post hell yea buddy.
  11. Hello, Gentlemen

    I play League from time to time, and its good to see other musicians here.   I play Tenor Saxophone myself. It seems to me that there is a movement here to get a CS:GO team going so if your interested, hop on and talk to people, everyone seems pretty chill around here my dude.
  12. New guy hoping to join!

    I am chillin the PS2 channel, just hop around and start talking to people, no biggy its the internet.   Everyone is considerate around here so don't be nervous about it.
  13. Hockey

    Devils fan, but not as rabid as most. I started getting into hockey last year and I am really getting into it, my boss is a Bruins fan and a few of my Co Workers are Devils fans, the only team I have no love for is the Rangers and that is really for the fans, their a lot like Jets fans, rabid and vicious haha.
  14. New guy hoping to join!

    Welcome to ADK, just joined up myself!
  15. Dick Pedestrians

    Its a shame really, that is incredibly dangerous and reckless, traffic laws and signals are in place for a reason.

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