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  1. Battlefield 3 - Server Updates

    5 Stars for BF3!
  2. Useless Thread

    useless reply
  3. I ate all your candy

    I agree they are funny!
  4. Battlefield 3 - 11/4/2011 Downtime

    Ok and sup Jaxx.
  5. =ADK= Battlefield 3 Server is HERE!

    Okay don't worry!
  6. =ADK= Battlefield 3 Server is HERE!

    2 more days!
  7. Steam Calculator

  8. =ADK= Battlefield 3 Server is HERE!

    I just ordered BF3 waiting for it to come in the mail...
  9. Its offivial i...

    I bid 250 steamcash.
  10. Greetings

    Ok I use a toshiba
  11. Win7 install error 0x80070570

  12. Win7 install error 0x80070570

    Not call email mincrosoft.
  13. Random Album #1

    Its so random!
  14. New members!

    Thanks to our 2 most recent applicants. eLiTeX_ - Accepted JmanBane - Accepted We'd like to welcome you to the =ADK= Gaming Community. Thanks for your interest in the =ADK= Gaming Community! We hope you continue to post on the forums, join us in our servers and hop on team speak! The more active you are in all 3 of these areas, the more fun you'll get out of being a part of this community! Thanks again! Source: Recruit Statuses 9/23

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