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  1. This worked for me to, i had the issue until i did this.
  2. How to spot trolls:

    Meh any decent pilot would avoid them, since they show up on map. Not really trolling if your victim has half a brain cell.
  3. How to Revive Teammates

    Well when your camped in because your team fails, you have no other options, and no its not fun...quite boring, the number 1 reason i hate lockers..
  4. How to Revive Teammates

    Lockers = Medic heaven, sit in the tunnels, spam med pack, and revive = 10k+ points, so much fun...and one side gets a certain light you can hide behind making it hard to hit you  :ph34r:   But yea, the amount of rambo revives i get is insane...its like ill just revive you, and not shoot the guy who shot you dead..so he then shoots you dead again.
  5. What I Hate About "No Explosive Servers"

    The server chat spams the rules, also you can do @rules to find out the rules, so you have no excuse for using incendiary or smokes. Also on the forum are the rules for the Bf4 servers, which clearly states all forms of nades are banned, expect the sensor. Even the flare is banned.
  6. Whats it like for hackers:

    Makes me sad people resort to using these, just for games, they do not even use it to troll people, more to stroke their own egos...and stat whore....ill sleep easy knowing im 100% legit!    If im terrible at least its my own skill, and not a bot.
  7. BF4 Operation Metro Glitch

    US explosive lockers  got replaced, is this Metro no ex? The description does not say.   P.S Col we should try the glitch to see if it is possible to perform, i doubt it as i remember correctly Dice stopped people getting on mavs, at least in the xbox bf3 they did.
  8. BF4 Operation Metro Glitch

    I think if we was to have a Metro no ex, one of the other servers will need to be dropped, imo i think, and regret saying this, but domination seems to be another very low in terms of popularity, its not played that often. 
  9. BF4 Operation Metro Glitch

    Im pretty sure they removed the jumping on Mavs in 1 patch so that wont work, some of us adk members will have to try it when on low pop, and if it still works, then an instant ban for who does it!
  10. Expansion Maps, Smaller Servers, HC Servers on ADK

    The problem is ADK members are not required to populate...just make that a rule and you have the population problems solved, 90% of members sit in either lockers or now #3 conquest.
  11. Those rocks and the invisible cloak, needs to ban the rock...you get his name? 
  12. ADK #6 High pings

      Why would dice use client side hit detection? That is so easy to abuse and unreliable  i always thought it was server side, and since i ran behind a wall and died is because to the server i was killed, but on my screen because im lagging behind i receive the confirmation i was killed later then what the server read. So basically the server said i was dead before i ran behind the wall.   You see what im saying?  If they used client side hit detection, not surprised the whole game is messed up. 
  13. Ping Masking?

    Hit detection i thought is server side, or well...you would have hackers galore abusing that, creating more hits then normal, i guess that is your typical damage hack. Also yes some isp do not allow a ping check, or suppress the windows ping check routine., also i think you could turn it off in windows, but idk how.   Honestly, you gain no advantage by hiding ping..
  14. ADK #6 High pings

    High ping DOES NOT EFFECT SERVERS, sorry im sick of people blaming ping saying it lags out servers when it does not, the way UDP works you could have 999 ping and the server wont lag at all..no that is dices server coding...blame that.   UDP sends packets, if packets get dropped UDP does not wait for a response like TCP does.   Again high ping players do not make servers lag....that is the server coding and isp, and you have to remember those server farms will be used by other clients so other factors are involved.   I go on all the US servers and barely noticed my 100+ ping, people whine because i killed them, and that is because they suck. Simple, anything above 300+ makes it harder for that player.   The classic rubber banding is the server predicting where the client should be, when the client desyncs from the server...the server will always have a set pace in which it runs, and they normally drop connections that tend to cause problems, which are high packet spams.   Yes i know computer jargon, but trust me a high ping player will not making a gaming server lag.
  15. Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

    More anti aircraft....seriously dice we do not need any more  <_<   I hope they let us drive destroyers like you could in 1942!

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