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  1. Squad breakup from balancer

    Ok thanks for the response, hope it gets sorted. T
  2. Squad breakup from balancer

    Is it intentional that your autobalancer breaks up the squads? I will join on a friend and well we basically never get to play more than 1 round together, then we are split up and can never get back on the same team. I only have 1 guy on my friends list that I play with here and it kinda sucks that we cant actually play together.   Just curious.
  3. Interesting video

    I have been practicing on this a couple times per day so far, it seems to be helping. It makes your twitch aim a hell of a lot better.   Instead of jerking your mouse to the say left to shoot someone who popped up on your screen, and overshooting him and having to mouse back, then shitting your pants and jerking all over the place trying to hit him because your rushed, it seems to help train you to make very quick mouse movements much more precise.   I love this thing!   LOL pull the video up from my original post and try to match the guys movments with your mouse cursor while on fullscreen, this shit is impossibru rofls. Time to practice some more....its addicting.
  4. Interesting video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzjztZnfcho     This is how you get your ass kicked in FPS games lol by a guy like this.
  5. Rant Here About BF4

    I have been having a run the past couple of days that have me being on the "good" side of bf4. Been having ok games. Killing alot of people that must be saying wtf, I had one game where I was missing people for sure on my screen, like my aim would be off by a full body width, yet people were falling over dead.....It will catch up to me soon I am sure, and ill have some of those shitty ass rounds where you just die instantly and cant kill anyone.   *fingers crossed*   This is the second most random game i have ever played, next to aion.
  6. Spotting threw walls possible?

    This guy was doing all this crazy spotting voodoo, while he was a support class spinning in circles, while hiding in the side of C. And then from his uncap, never saw him go recon while i was spectating him, and boy he sure got dem spot assists, while in his uncap, immediately after he spawned. Seems suspish to me but thats just my .02.   I would have recorded it and indeed i tried, but for some reason my hotkey for msi afterburner wouldnt activate video recording. Thats the only option i had at the time.   Screenshot 0008 he spotted through 4 walls and 2 rooms.   Screenshot 0005 it appears he spotted through many many many walls and spotted someone a long way away judging by the min-map.      Screenshot 0006 it looks like he spotted through either that wall directly in front of him, or all the way to C.     This doesnt do justice to what i watched in spectator mode, it didnt matter where he was looking or what he was doing, when he wasnt moving, he was spinning in circles doing the "spotted" arm point motion, and getting "spot assist" over and over and over.
  7. Spotting threw walls possible?

    Proper spelling was Zhouaijingjing
  8. Spotting threw walls possible?

    Your talking about zhouaizingzing *Spelling might be slightly off* right? I watched him spin in circles at C last night and proceed to spot people 2x cap zones away through half the map. His arm was pointint the spot motion constantly. Then he died and ressed at his uncap and immediatly started spotting people at C again. His screen eas "spot assist" over and over while he was at his uncap and all the fighting was at C. It was amazing lol. Bout 1am central last night I posted 8 screenshots of him last night at gutz request but i think i got them in the wrong place cause my post got removed really quickly. I was tired and needed to go to bed but tried to do a good deed.
  9. I'm Done

    I played today and my first 3 games i was like 5-15 round about for each match. Didnt matter what i did, come around a corner on someone looking the other way and dump a full mag into them from 3 steps away, and POOF im dead and they spin around in my killcam and start shooting. Or see someone spotted on the map, peek around the corner and burst *hitmarkers* burst *hitmarkers burst *hitmarkers/ i fall over dead from 100% hp to zero splat boom gone, and they never even looked my direction untill AFTER i was dead on my screen.   The next game I went like 20-4 or something like that, every time i shot people with a burst or two they fell over dead like they should. The game "felt" normal. I shot people and they died. Had 2 or 3 games like that.  THEN i go back to the 10/10 or 5/20 kdr and its like there is nothing I could do about it. I aimed right at people, flanked them, it didnt matter, mag dump people in the rear and ZIP they turn around and I die to 1 bullet *what seems like 1 bullet cause i lose all my hp in a split second*.   I am suspicious it is my aging computer but how the hell do i have good games sometimes, hell i will go on rolls where i have 30-50 kill games and then its like flipping a switch ZING your going 4-20. So that makes me wonder if it isnt my pc and there is some netcode/rng/bug crap at work here.  I die tons of time when im sitting nice and still in a good spot, and someone is spotted on the map and i pre-aim at the corner, look back down at the mini-map and yep sure enough they are walking right into the trap! They come around the corner and burst burst burst, their character isnt even aiming down their gun and im just plowing them, then inexplicably zap, i fall over dead as i see their gun come up to ads. Just lol.   So i had to rage quit.   I spectate the higher kill people on the server quite often and alot of the time watching spectate mode, it seems like the people that they are killing are so lagged out they dont even see the person shooting at them.   I see people in spectate mode quite often *the better kill/death players* they will run around a corner, sweep left, sweep center, sweep right and low and behold there is a guy sitting on the right side of the room that had a good second and a half to see the person and kill them. But they just sit there like they cant even see the person. And then the aggressive player will just lay waste to them and only take 50% dmg or so, like how the hell does that happen? I know when someone pops up on my screen in front of me i start firing immediatly, i dont jack around and wait and see if they notice me. But thats how alot of this stuff feels.   When i have a great game it seems like everyone is lagging behind me as well. The worst deaths are the ones where you die, THEN see the person peek around the corner and start shooting at you, as your falling down dead. pffffffft.   So i feel your pain man.
  10. My ping to #6

    I use chrome, and the pings went down, they are just high in battlelog when i open it up for some reason. Fine in game.
  11. My ping to #6

    Is normally 50,55ms   always around that, never more than 60, unless someone is d/l ing something on the ipads/phones.   Today my ping to ALOT of servers i have as favorites is now 200, W T F   my ping to #6 is 202ms   ping to the HOG server is still 35-45 any ideas?   i am going to connect and see if its really a 200 ping or if battlelog is screwing up.
  12. Battlefield 4 Current State: Whats Your View?

    The gunplay is "dirty" to me for lack of a better word. Sometimes i shoot people with 2 or 3 bursts and they fall over dead instantly, other times i shoot them with a burst or 3 and then hammer down full auto for the remainder of the mag and they fall over dead as im halfway through reloading.  Other times you mag dump someone only for them to turn around and 1 shot you. I have played ALOT of hours of bf4 and it is starting to aggravate me more and more. I feel bad when i kill someone and i KNOW what happened on their screen, they mag dumped me and i turned around and 1 shotted them.    It has to be frustrating, i know it is for me.    Some rounds i just waste people going 30-40-50 kills and 20 or less deaths, and it seams easy and people die. The very next round i will get 1 shotted by people i pumped 31 rounds into and end up going 10-11.   So if the gunplay could be tightened up a bit the game would be fantastic for me. I get decent fps 40-60 with my older computer, no crashes, no sound issues, everything except the gunplay works great for me. Other than the odd server crash.   So the game imho is frustratingly good.    I had several friends that started bf4 with me but just rage uninstalled because of the "netcode" issues dying around corners/1shotted by someone you just mag dumped etc. I find myself getting increasingly frustrated at the game as i know im getting better, but get butt plundered by the "netcode" latency or whatever you want to call it quite often.   For example i had a game the other day on a locker server using a pdw and only hipfiring, and running around into the middle of people like an idiot. I went like 57 and 9......how the hell did i do that? Dirty netcode. I just ran around like i was on crack hipfiring and people would fall over dead as they were shooting at me. It was insane.
  13. Full Tilt using the SCAR-H

    How do you control the side to side wobble the scar-H has when you fire more than 2 bullets? I know you can tap fire it but when you do those 4-10 round bursts how do you stop that side to side wobble the gun has, do you actually wiggle your mouse side to side? Or which attatchment helps with that?   Been practicing with it in the test range trying to get it stable like you are, i can control the vertical jump no problems but the side to side wobble is kicking my butt.
  14. Full Tilt using the SCAR-H

    Jeez i gotta practice my recoil control more, i cant stay that smooth. Nice kills
  15. best assault rifle?

    When i got the AEK it was like a whole new game, when i got the L85a1 i was impressed with its long range tap fire and ease of use, i tried out the ace assault rifle and it is very very controllable. I have not tried the aug3 yet.   But i know the aek, l85a1, and the ace assault rifle's for sure made the class much more fun to play by a huge margin.   I have been using the AEK alot lately and the more you get used to the recoil that it has the more beast it gets. I'm not an outrageously good player though so the rof may just be carrying me.   Also in certain situations i LOVE the scar-h, especially if the walls get blown out in lockers and there are a ton of people just peeking with their heads. The scar-H really shines when you can only aim at peoples heads, it does more damage. Just a tap-ta-tap and they die.

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