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  1. Sorry Honey, My Clan Needs Me

    lol CollegeHumor is pretty funny.
  2. Joke of the Day!

    Father: Son, if you keep masturbating, you'll go blind!   Son: Dad, I'm over here.
  3. Yeah, happens to me quite frequently too. Kind of scary sometimes :D
  4. hello all

    Hey Howard, welcome to the community! Stop by the BF3 channel sometime :)
  5. g19max1 Here. What's up guys

    Welcome. I haven't played Arma 3, but I heard it's very realistic. 
  6. Bikes

    No, but I like motorcycles. What would be a good bike to start out with? I heard Honda's are pretty good.
  7. Breaking Bad on AMC

    I liked this show. Wish it was still on.
  8. Here's Prophet

    Where's the roll bar? :D
  9. Well then.

    I second that.
  10. California is so cool!

    A very nice location for solar panels :D
  11. Topgun1334

    Welcome aboard! That's quite a lot of games. Enjoy your stay.
  12. Would you ride this?

  13. Sensitive debate time!!

    Regular Cheetos for me. I wish they used more real cheese though.
  14. Would you do this? (Video)

    Maybe if I were high (no pun intended). :D
  15. King of the Hill (TV show)

    Scoff. Scoff.

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