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  1. About to ride It's a Small World.Please don't let the ride break down in Little Asia...

  2. I have an urge to grow a Fu Manchu once in my life.I know I'm not the only guy that thinks that.

  3. To those heading out for the Black Friday Sales.I wish you good luck, and hope you have +10 Armor of Blitzkrieg!!! :D

  4. Had a weird dream about a Zombie Outbreak.People I knew were either zombies or have been infected by one.I ended up being a survivor, but at what cost?I really didn't like that dream at all....

  5. Happy "What is This Holiday And Why is it Not Christmas Yet?!" Day~~!!!! :D

  6. Squirtle's back in action!!! >:D

  7. Mom tried to steal my jello!!! D:

  8. Billy Mays!! Is that you?!Nope! Chuck Testa!!

  9. Singing Disney Songs while heading home from Disneyland with Andrew, Caitlyn, and Ethan~ :D

  10. Getting ready for Disneyland, Airsofting, and etc.This is a very busy weekend for me.But, it beats doing nothing and playing games on the computer~~ @v@

  11. Anyone know where I can get a wig cut and styled?

  12. Urge to join the Dark Side... rising.... *-*

  13. My name is Rick Astley.You are singing that song in your head, aren't you?

  14. SELLING Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Key

    Friend did.

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