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  1. What Colors Do You See?

    I used to see white and gold, but then got upset with the wife for showing it to me all the time and eventually started seeing blue and black. Apparently emotions play a role on the color you see. I can't see the white and gold anymore. Today, looking at it, it is still blue and black...
  2. Watch Dogs

    @[member='Element'] I just got it off a torrent site to try it out. I agree, not worth $60. But lately, not many games are anymore...
  3. Watch Dogs

    I just started playing Watch Dogs and wanted to let others know that if you wish to have something new, with a little GTA and Splinter cell mixed in with it, I would definitely recommend this game.   There is something different about it, and the feel is very familiar if you play splinter cell and some UBIsoft games already. But the innovation and stuff you can do within the game and the mass variety just blew me away.    It is a highly demanding game graphically. Don't even think about trying without a 64 bit processor. My system can play on Ultra settings at 1080p but to continue with a complete smooth feeling I will be dropping the terrain detail a little lower as my 770GTX is only 2gb.    Perhaps with Nvidia drivers the 700 series card will work better in the future with this game.   Watch the videos on youtube. It is a fun and very technologically driven game. If you wish to try something different then this game will be what you would want to try as I haven't played anything like it so far in my gaming career.   Have fun   9/10   -Flashf1re
  4. F2P Ghost Recon: Phantoms

    Add me on steam; IGN - soberpyro
  5. Ghost Recon Phantom

    Been playing this as well. Add me to Steam - soberpyro
  6. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

    Just like Game of Thrones. Nuff Said
  7. Anyone pls suggest me for best cooling for overclock CPU!

    Tri SLi? for how big a monitor again?   My buddy has 3 titans but he has 3 30" Dell monitors all set up in Portrait instead of landscape and he is at 4K ultra with resolution @ 4096 × 2160.   Anything under that I think would be overkill for those titans. Bioschock infinite looks nice.   Picture of his rig below.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehft4mldqrrijlg/20130707_223457_LLS.jpg
  8. Anyone pls suggest me for best cooling for overclock CPU!

    Awesome. That torture test does throw up the temperature right away. I am actually looking at your case now lol. I could drop my temperatures quite a lot with that set up. But to me it seems like it might  be kind of loud. Hard to tell from the camera really.
  9. Anyone pls suggest me for best cooling for overclock CPU!

    Just so you know, if you set things manually instead of using the turbo and auto in the bios your temperatures would be lower. Auto settings tend to place too much pressure on your system and will decrease the longevity of your CPU. Also, Temperatures significantly increase after 1.25V and I have seen some great results with people using 1.22V with manual frequencies until they dial it in. Also, all chips are different and some can be pushed beyond others.   If you did a test with Prime95 with all 8 stress tests running at the same time this will give you a more accurate stable test. Although your cpu never does run at 100% under normal conditions, you may find that your temperatures may shoot up too high during these tests. This is important to know as well in case a fan dies and your 1.44V can't handle running on one fan. Although after watching your video, you probably wont even have that problem with your temp display in front of you right away. But my thing is, why risk it and why stress the CPU more then it needs to be?   OCCT is what I like to use when I prefer to find out my temperatures for regular usage. Try that out too.   Personally, I would like to know what Prime95 gets, just after an hour. Ideally, 8 hour stress test would be better to find out if there were any errors in the RAM and if you receive BSOD. That will tell you how stable you actually are.   Cool though what you have so far. :D
  10. Anyone pls suggest me for best cooling for overclock CPU!

    Hey, I got 4.4ghz on i7 4770k with air cooling using Coolmaster EVO 212+ and arctic silver 5 paste.   There are two 120mm fan on the heatsink, and the way I have my airflow in my antec 200 case, it flows with 2 120mm fans through the front past the HDD;s and 1 120mm at the top of the case and one at the back. The flow is nice. Stress tests ran great.   The 4770k to my knowledge was known to handle 90+ degrees, but obviously not forever. During an overnight stress test I stayed stable at 80 degrees and no problems. At idle I am at 29 degress. For $30 I am getting significant cooling without the high costs. I think I was lucky with my haswell chip as all of them vary. The Gold haswell chip will get better results, but it's like luck of the draw. Typically it's at 4.0-4.4ghz with the gold haswell chip on air.   Overclocking to .3ghz higher with added water cooling is just not worth the cost in my opinion. Also, for gaming, CPU overclocking will not show significant changes. If you had a dedicated PHYSX and perhaps overclocked your GPU then you would see some increases in benchmarks.  There are fans that fit in PCI slots that sit right above a GPU and blow the hot air off the GPU out the back. Personally, I have a Gigabyte 770GTX Winfast and my GPU temps are not a problem at all and that is overclocked to 1189mhz.   But I understand the fun of doing the math and getting the most out of voltages around 1.25 :D
  11. Looking for a group to play with.

    On TS, I don't know if you noticed, but there is a channel under the Battlefield 4 heading that has Operation Locker NO EXPLOSIVES within it. Usually the guys/gals that are on that TS server as also playing within the bf4 server. I am not a huge fan of lockers, but when populating I try and get myself in there.   Welcome to ADK though, please if you see me in TS, come say hi, I will join you on LOCKERS or any other BF4 ADK server. There are 7 :D
  12. All of a sudden - Ponies.

    Doesn't April fools end at Noon? Why am I still seeing ponies? DEAR GOD!
  13. California is so cool!

    Not where I live in Canada. Sun and 13C today
  14. Apparently my dog was barking.

    The neighbour left their name on this letter? He seemed to be speaking for the entire community that lives around you. What happened to a good old neighbourly fight?
  15. Member Map Update

    Done As well :D

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