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  1. Post your favorite TV show here

    Hey everyone, i just want to know what your favorite tv show is. So we can all think of what else to watch. My favorite tv show is M.A.S.H. It's about a military hospital in the korean war, It's hilarious. I also like All in the family its an old sit com.
  2. Meet Our Members #5 - Dynasty & Greenshaw

    haha nice dynasty.
  3. Suspicious adk server

    I was looking for a game of conquest and i stumbled upon this....... What is this?
  4. Suspicious adk server

    Haha thats funny its just a useless server then!
  5. Suspicious adk server

    @[member='AOBLXIX'] thanks for a response.
  6. Suspicious adk server

    I never seen an adk server like this before, strange title and its locked
  7. why did auto admin ban me

    i tried joining bf3 adk rush server and i get this..... what is going on ?am i too good to play?
  8. Lol this is ridiculous someone please close this.
  9. Ya know, balls to it.

  10. Had a great day on Nosahr canals

    Russian team kicked some @@@ today. LOL
  11. Had a great day on Nosahr canals

    Come on and play me with me. add me: xVillageNinjax
  12. Nosahr canals =ADK= tdm offline

    At the moment adk server for bf3 tdm nosahr canals is offline. Can an admin put it back online please?
  13. Nosahr canals =ADK= tdm offline

    thanks its back online
  14. Can someone please give me a link or tell me how to fix my x12 turtle beach headphones? I really don't want to spend 60 dollars to buy a new pair. Can anyone recommend me a good headset that's less then 100 dollars? I need a good mic that wont brake after a couple months. Thank you so much guys. Your's truly xVillageNinjax aka villagespy
  15. How to fix turtle beach x12 mic on the headset

    So I been researching how to fix them, and it looks like a need a welding tool LOL so i just need a good recommendation on what new headset to buy
  16. Getting back to my normal Score on BF3

    no problem
  17. The Best TV Shows I have Watched (In order)

    Mash is my favorite, second is all in the family.
  18. Where's everyone from!?

    I'm from hawaii. On the island of Maui
  19. How to change signature picture

    Hi how do I change my signature to where it would show my Battlefield 3 stats. I know theres that website Battlefield 3 stats and you do something with that link to make it a picture. Can someone please help? Thanks
  20. How to change signature picture

    thanks i got it fixed
  21. Post your favorite TV show here

    nice shows
  22. Getting back to my normal Score on BF3

    Is this nosahr canals tdm? Very nice score. Try using sniptool on your computer to take pictures of your screen.
  23. Cant run BF4 Low Fps

    Hi, i got a toshiba satellite laptop with intel core i7 2.40ghz, 8gb ram ,64bit I'm getting about 20-35 fps on battlefield 4 with the lowest settings. Can someone recommend me a computer that i can buy that is modestly priced? I been gaming for 10 years. I always used laptops so i think its time to Get something good. Please reply on what i should get. Thanks
  24. Cant run BF4 Low Fps

    wow thanks dynasty for doing that for me ill think about that and maybe change some parts around!
  25. Cant run BF4 Low Fps

    It would be nice to use a laptop

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