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  1. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    ok maybe i misheard the admin that stated the adk members were whitelisted, but we all join off of our friends lists to get in the same squad, and move around squads so we are together.  before the change entire squads were usually moved as a unit to balance a server  now squads are being broken up to balance the server instead.   we would sincerely like to have this change revoked, so that we can continue to play as squads.
  2. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    You are missing or avoiding the point i was trying to express, the server was a lot of fun for the regulars who play there all the time, now it is NOT.   thank you for the opportunity to pay for the privilege ADK members enjoyed prior to the change, but i will decline. I was under the impression that was a benefit to being part of an organization such as ADK, and a reward for our hard work populating servers, reporting rule breakers, recruiting new members etc.    we are providing feedback to the changes made based upon our experience in server. as you say some of us spend 5-10 hours at a stretch playing there and I would appreciate it if i wasn't disrespected for making observations about it. I can differentiate between being moved during a 10 hour session and being moved in 1-3 rounds.    if your intention is to ensure the server stays populated over the long term, then why make changes that alienate the long term players? 
  3. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    the balancing script is causing issues. 1, it seems overly aggressive at moving people quickly it will move 5 or 6 people  at once, then a whole bunch of people quit the server, making the teams really unbalanced then by the time the server gets refilled with new people its near the end of the match. this is causing frustration and reduced play time by members and regulars alike   it takes time to get squads setup and organized, and bam we lose half our squad to the balancer, not fun, so we wind up with 2-3 new squad mates each round.   I am more than happy to spend the majority of my game play populating servers as long as I can do it with a squad of friends (ADK).   Please fix this its ruining the fun of playing on this locker server.
  4. Hello ADK people. Solipsism82 here. (BF3/4)

    welcome fellow canukistanian !
  5. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    ^ what Jubo said.
  6. Elite: Dangerous

    I'm also waiting for SC's dogfighting module, or elite to hit beta, after dumping a small fortune into SC, i dont want to toss 200 pounds at elite.
  7. ESO Release DATE

    I'm waiting for an open beta closer to release the previous beta was ok.... but i have serious reservations they can get a polished release ready game by April.   Massive open world PVP would be the main draw to play this game and hopefully they will have a test where we can put some time in doing that.
  8. Canada eh?

    id hate to think how long it would take to get out west driving :P @[member='Flashfire'] the only thing we can all agree on is that the habs suck.
  9. http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-uk/news/post/2013/12/11/eso-release-plans-announced
  10. EQ Next Beta Signup

    live stream on twitch today for EQN http://www.twitch.tv/everquestnext/   for anyone who is curious about what the game is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjvYIV4B5jg
  11. yet another intro thread

    no worries i usually stick to infantry in bf4 so my flying isnt anything to write home about either. :) see you in adk 6 usually
  12. LEGO Minifigures Online

    looks like another game to be kicked off my pc by my 4 year old for. :P
  13. the economy of games is fascinating, ive read all the articles posted by this game economist and found them very interesting http://gameful.org/profile/RaminShokrizade 
  14. tc:the division

    this link is giving some people problems too, its on the main game site here http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-GB/media/videos/
  15. tc:the division

    was posting a new vid about the snowdrop engine but its marked private so cant link it directly its on their FB page here https://www.facebook.com/TheDivisionGame

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