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  1. 'Ello, my name is Theo

    @[member='Korashka'] I enjoy large scale battles =P Battlefield and Planetside give me both! I'll see you around.
  2. 'Ello, my name is Theo

    @[member='Metalworker'] Whenever I hear 'everyone deploy back to the warpgate' my reflex is to run to the galaxy terminal :p 
  3. 'Ello, my name is Theo

     @AngelOfDeath7 I try to log onto the ADK servers, but they're usually full ;)
  4. 'Ello, my name is Theo

    Thanks all =)
  5. 'Ello, my name is Theo

    Thanks for the greetings fellow NC/Battlefielders! I forgot to mention that I really enjoy shooting videos of gameplay. My current build is comfortable with recording at around 60fps on ultra graphics. Shadowplay has been absolutely great for this! When I'm in a platoon during alerts or OPS I can definitely record it. I'm currently messing around with footage I've captured to make somewhat of a montage similar to one I've already made which I'll link below. I sometimes do cinematic videos, but this next one is going to be a combination of showing off my "skills" and cinematic shots. I hope you enjoy them! I'm no expert in cinematography or editing videos, but I do enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w157WE_2PnM
  6. 'Ello, my name is Theo

    Thanks man! Nice name =P
  7. 'Ello, my name is Theo

    Hello! I've been playing Planetside 2 a bunch and am looking for a solid community to play with. I've also got Battlefield 4 going but I'm having issues with bugs and whatnot., so I'll probably log more hours into that game once it's less buggy.  Anyways, Planetside 2. Fricken game is too fun. I've been rolling in some ADK platoons recently since my current outfit has lost a lot of it's population. It looks like ADK has done some open recruitment which is really awesome. We've gone through some pretty intense fights! I just got out of an amp station alert (which we dominated). I liked the people in my squad. As soon as the alert started we were already back at the warpgate and everyone got into my galaxy in probably less than one minute. I like a group that obeys orders and goes fast =) I believe the squad leaders name was Corsec. He could probably vouch for the readiness of the squad. A little bit about my playstyle. For some reason I have an affinity for big lumbering aircraft. I've pimped out my galaxy somewhat and am looking to log some air time on it. So whenever we're back at the warpgate,my shiny galaxy will probably be ready to go. I'm getting better at my reaver and have piled a lot of certs into it. But most importantly, I play medic almost 95% of the time. I think I'm fairly good at it considering my years of Battlefield experience has driven me away from rambo revives. I don't want to ramble much, so I'll see you guys in the game. Let's destroy the VS and TR for our freedom! - Theo

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