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  1. The Revive system needs to be rebalanced

    Call me crazy but I'm mostly OK with the system in place.  I just wish the paddles charged a wee bit faster.  I try to "pre-charge" but most of the time the most I'll get is 40%~ish revive.  Yes I know I can hold it longer of course it just seems TOO long though to get the 100. 
  2. Gaming Music?

    Really dating myself here I'm sure but I used to love playing Q2 with The Prodidgy - Fat of the Land in the CD tray.    Favorite would have been Minefields - which always put me in a kinda deathmatch mood.     I don't really play with tunes going anymore - I need all the in game sounds for situational awareness.
  3. New Hardware - awe yeah

    Nah no overclocks as yet - keep in mind the card does come pre OC'd so not sure how much headroom I have left regardless.  I may play with it at some point but right now it's pretty sweet straight outta the box.
  4. Canada eh?

    Technically New West but if you say that to someone non local you're gonna get a "huh?".  So Vancouver is the easiest answer to give and not that incorrect being it's all part of the GVRD anyway.  I grew up in Richmond but I've lived in Burnaby, Prince George, Bangkok - I like to get around. ;)
  5. New Hardware - awe yeah

    I've got BF showing FPS full time and it shoots up into the 120's on occasion and down into the 50's when things get "hectic".  For the most part though it's been averaging about 60-65 at my current resolution.   Edit to link the card. 
  6. Sensitivity preference?

    DPI: 1800DPS 20% in game Polling Rate:1000Hz   My usual 360 is about 4.5".  I haven't bothered to measure it in BF4 because it feels about right.
  7. New Hardware - awe yeah

    I let Gforce Exp do it's thing.  It's set for 4X MSAA/AA Post is High.  I'm not quite running in 1080p as I'm running an old old 19" wide (yeah yeah) so it's 1440X900.  I would upgrade the mon but to be honest with how close I sit a large mon would be outside my field of view (at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it).
  8. Best Moment in Battlefield 4

    Any SRAW kill at range on a full transport heli.  That and any long range kill on a sniper with the SRAW.  Good times.
  9. New Hardware - awe yeah

    Nothing extreme but upgraded my old GTX 560Ti to a GTX 770 yesterday which also required upgrading the power supply.  Now I can run in Ultra and the new P/S is so much quieter than the old one.  Merry Xmas to me. ;) 
  10. 12/16 patch

    Played last night - no graphical weirdness/lock ups or crashes to desktop.  I hadn't played in a couple days though and man did I ever suck... :P     That is all.
  11. 12/16 patch

    Haven't played since the new patch (12/16) and I'm not going to say there are not issues as clearly there are BUT I do have 85 hours invested in the game and have had a blast doing it.   Prob not going make any friends with this one but as for BF2 hit detection I remember this being WAY more frustrating than BF4.  Just hit youtube and search "BF2 bad hit detection" and it shows a lot of what I remember.  Brilliant game but don't wax poetic about it's hit detection.
  12. Two Down!

    I was doing trying to do this in BF3 but my cut off was actually 1000.  I managed to get 11 of them 1000+ but then realized BF4 was coming so I tried going for 500 which I managed to do for 21 of the weapons.     In BF4 I haven't really focused on anything other than the engie class. 
  13. Admins

    In a nutshell a good admin is like a good ref.   Knowledgeable -  is fully aware of the rules of the game (well server). Consistency - rules must be applied to all players equally. Communication - must be able to communicate with people in a fair and level headed manner. Confident - must be confident that decisions made as an admin will be respected and followed up on by the owner of the server/league. I'm sure there are others but those are the ones that pop into my head.
  14. Weapon popularity V2.Badass (BF4)

    I see my bad - will do that next time.  Thanks for the info.
  15. Sheepnub over on Simthic posted  a breakdown of the popularity of all the diff BF4 weapons.  Interesting read for those that are into that kind o' thing.   Link here.

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