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  1. Hello, I'm Echostorm

    I love the name Hitokiri Battousai! I'm a huge anime nerd. =P
  2. Is Battlefield Hardline Worth The Purchase

    I'd say save your money the game is horrible dude!
  3. ADK BF4 Emblems INFO

    That emblem is awesome. Wonder who made that. Looks like it took awhile!
  4. Best grenade

    I'd say smoke is better if ur tryin to avoid snipper fire, other than that id flashbang someone.
  5. Is it worth it? Premium

    I think its 100% worth it. You get all kind of maps and guns! what more could ask for lol.
  6. For iluvboobies

    Great gameplay bro! Making me want to play again =).
  7. Hi my name is nick, i used to go by guts or guts717 when i was a member of adk. I screwed up and said some things to another member that got me temp banned from TS. Im very sorry about all of that and was hoping i could rejoin adk again! I play all sorts of games from bf4 to ark. Im on my pc almost everyday. Thanks for taking the time to read this post...
  8. The Bird Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.

    1. Virtue1776


      Hope you're doing alright man.

  9. Need some help here.

    I'm not sure who did the app's this week but a few people were accepted but not added to the post. For example Shortymac88 has done everything required and yet he hasn't been put into the accepted post or the accepted section. River rat was another but he was only put in the accepted section but that has already been taken care of. I'm just asking if someone could help this guy and maybe any others that may have been over looked. TY.
  10. Hi

    Hey Jake, Im curious about this unchained rpg... I've been looking for a new mmorpg for awhile now and havent been able to find one worth playing religously yet. What's it suppose to be like? Is it ganna have raiding like WoW or atleast 5 man's? Rpgs are my all time fav kind of games to play! I was so sad what they did to d3 even though i ended up maxing all the classes to 60 b4 i decided to quit. Been looking for a good rpg since then... Do me a favor n maybe join our TS to talk or even to work together in BF4. The info is under "server info" at the top of the site. Hope to see you there dude. Take it ez brother!
  11. What's Up Guys

    Hey dude, Welcome to our site... I'm glad you found us cause you are right we do have are "stuff" together in many ways. If you have any question or even just want to talk/work together in game, join TS dude. The info is under server info at the top of the sites page. Hope to see you in there and in game. Good luck if you decide to join us n then apply.
  12. Vildhjarta reporting for duty!

    I already posted on your app but i'd like to say hi again anyways haha! You make me miss WoW dude but im pretty certain ill never go back. Havent played a rpg in quite some time. I need to find another really good one, D3 was trash. Anyway like i said on your app post, i hope you get in and good luck to you bro.
  13. Hey, I'm Atmos

    Hey "AT', Do you have a name or do you just go by your gammertag? I'd like to welcome to the site and I hope to see your app in the future! If you ever decide to play bf4, take the time to join us in the TS! You'll love the guys up here we have tons of fun up here! I dont play ps2 anymore but I just might try it again sooner or later. Well theres not much else i cant think to say atm besides if you need help just look for my tag in bf4 TS. p.s. i cant spell for crap HA!
  14. Saying hi.

    @[member='ZekeV2'] Hey buddy! Zeke is the shiznit. Wait, wait, did i just say shiznit... Anways whats up buddy! Did you apply yet? If not you should do so brother!
  15. I'm Done

    Slev I agree that the game is broken that doesnt even need to be said! You shouldn't give up yet bud, atleast play something else you enjoy for awhile and come back and check on the state of the game from time to time.. I think your kool as shit dude. For one you love anime like me, so.... that makes you awesome right away in my book! =D. But really even if you do quit for good, dont stop joining ts with all of us. We will all miss you if you go buddy.

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