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Everything posted by NeoChaotic

  1. Good morning, (1209AM)   Just thought that i would post this topic to hopefully help some of you all with ur windows success stories.  Keep in mind that i may or may not provide solutions to some of these problems but i will inform you that they may not actually be what they suggest.   Currently:   So my new pc is a beast,  few months old Asus Sabertooth MOBO Liquid Cooled i5 4670 8gigs ram 256 SSD and.... ..... oh yeah radeon 7850 (duh) (having heating issues so i get driver and card crashes not a topic of discussion) ..... Windows 8.1 (BANG!) the wicked pc killer of all time.....   So lets cover some basic errors that lead to gaming misery.   1.  Schannel (BSOD)  2. Windows Kernal-PNP (BSOD) 3.  Microsoft-Windows-WER-SystemErrorReporting (complete system lockup) 4. Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power (automatic restart, no warning)  ---Add page fault in non paged area. (BSOD) So 5 game ender issues with Windows 8 ish.     All 5 of these crashes recommend hardware errors.......not quite.   Schannel refers to a TLS connection which is a secure connection made by your computer to a program source such as outlook to an exchange server.  Further reading on various Microsoft tech forums tells you that your ram is bad.....what does my ram have to do with an internet issue?   Microsoft's finest intends to tell you to uncheck your TLS connection options in internet settings.  you can if you want.  its merely a temp fix.   issue 3 has to do with your os ability to successfully record the errors such as the above (Windows Error Reporting)  and is where i got the issues that are above due to the fact that I'm facing them right now.  And so are several other million Win8 customers.  But that's what we get when use beta software (aggravating)    Issue 2, 3, are the real system killers you need to be aware of.  These two really try to make you believe you have a hardware issue.  You might but i wouldn't buy new stuff yet. My comp ran smooth, so smooth it was creepy.  OC to 4.2 (ai tweek) asus auto tune.....then all of a sudden i had a OS update.  Cool i thought, whats better then a stabilty update WRONG!!!! after that update the world ended for me and my computer.  Error after error after error 4-5 blue screens a day  dozens a week.  WTH MS.   Whats even worse, Each and every error after the update tells me that i have Ram and PSU problems.     The page fault in non paged area suggest your HDD or Ram.  Well bub they are both brand spankin new and have absolutely no issues until MS updates.      The problem occurs when you computer fails to read/write or access the computers non paged memory,  usually stored on you HDD drive if your page file is large.  And is primarily stored on your ram in the back corner of the cache warehouse.  Fear not, this issue is also traced back to an update where the OS information system collection and dispersal (sounds funny) has been tweaked to increase performance of "Super Fetch" and "Ready Boost"  two windows performance functions designed to increase access speed to your cached HDD Page file and Ram.  and when they dont work your computer hangs or app crashes.   I am also having another issue after a fresh install of 8.1.... Windows upate and recovery still do not work properly (ironic)  I am still looking in to this issue.   Now i haven't had the luck of discovering the actual update that changed everything but let me tell you.   Lots of time has been spent doing a deep and thorough scan of my system.  And i am 98% positive that my hardware is not an issue.  
  2. How's Everyone Doing

    BrutalChaos was one of my IGN for PWI..... thief lol, just wanted to say wassup and nice name.  Cherish it well.
  3. A wild BlueDrafter has appeared

    nice avatar pic, that was a great short series, wish they had made more episodes.  Was a nice little shocker in the end when the lil brother goes full satanic fury.
  4. Windows 8.1 Pro [Major issue Discussion]

    OK after several days of major trouble shooting I have figured out how to solve a few issues.  The real problem solver was a complete bios/cmos reset.   1. Unplug Power Coord 2. Pull cmos Battery 3. Press and hold power button for 15-20 seconds to discharge and engage in cmos dmp.   What this does is drop all hardware profiles for the bios/cmos cfg.   Works like a charm.   This solution also fixes the no-boot issues with reinstalls or hardware changes.
  5. Need a Technical Support section for the website.

    I would use the Tech Talk channel some of us gurus might be able to help answer some of ur questions.  Just throwing that out there.
  6. Sensitive debate time!!

    Im a crunch fan, i dont like the puffs the just go to much in the mouth.
  7. You all wine and groan too much so now im finally gonna post something here.   I am a Marine Veteran with 8 years 6 months of active duty.  2 Deployments PHantom Fury (battle of falluja) and Barwana in Heditha.     3rd BN 1st MARDIV  Lima Company Wpns Plt.  MOS 0341 Infantry Mortarman 0311 Infantry Riflemen  03-06 Marine Special Operations Command, Marine Special Operations Adviser Group  06-13   When it comes Leading Marines or people i have the highest amount of training and experience.  I am used to the ways of the Corps.  If you cant do your job i will remove you from it and do it myself, or i will replace you with someone who can.     A very long time ago i used to game with ADK, ( was much more lax back then)  I used to bitch and moan about typing in the forum.  Eventually i was labeled a stubborn asshole and adk quit asking me to fill out crap in the forum.  Back when i played with adk there was only a few hundred people, so many of the names i no longer recognize.  So here i am being obedient and following the rules.      I enjoy talking about the things that i did while i was in the MC, it helps alleviate the anger and frustration due to my PTSD.   I am now currently a Disable Veteran, that pretty much eat breaths and shits video games.   I founded BlackHeart Studio which is a game development studio and we are currently working on a Project called MediEvil: The lost times.  it is a sandbox survival from the medieval era that focus on the rebuilding of civilization.  It is being developed using Unity game engine.  If you have played or heard of the game called rust.  you might think it resembles it.  However, our game is not based  on rust but was inspired by it.   I also created Online Gaming Veterans (onlinegamingveterans.com)  for the military enthused gamers.  It is a community for all that support the military, still a work in progress but i hope that the majority check it out.  I started a charity that helps veterans get funds to buy and play video games,  the battlefield series is a proven therapy method for us Vets with combat stresses.     If you want more information about any of the above or would like to know more about me just let me know.
  8. Marine Vet, ADK player from way back when!

    Much a ppreciated, i also play bf3 on the pc so i will probably see you in game.
  9. Everyone's Crazy!

    " MOM! Stop being a backseat driver and quit telling me how to drive its danger.....OH! look a squirrel." Marine Vet- Diagnosed Psyclotheimia (ADHD/ADD/HypoManic/PTSD-combonation of all but not specifically 1) MTBI
  10. Duh hello?

    Do you prefer Sake or Vodka, a friend of mine in the Marines said he thinks sake is better he was born in Ukraine but was stationed in japan....
  11. Hello

    Welcome to the fan club. hopefully you can give us some reviews of the DayZ standalone.  I keep hearing mixed feelings about how their could be more stuff.  But what do you think?
  12. Hi, I'm Monty

    What up monty, wasnt paying attention when i put in my intro and then suddenly today i decided to look.  Reinstalled my OS last night,   Apparently i had some missing system files the prevented me from recovery and repair.....i was pissed. Anyway ill see ya in game.
  13. Marine Vet, ADK player from way back when!

    Rust is what inspired me to make MediEvil,  but we wanted create economy and life choices with the sandbox method in mind. civilization was destroyed and now we have to rebuild civilization.  Technology has been destroyed as well and now your back in the Medieval era.  Survive, succeed, and create the new world. basic concept of BlackHeart Studio's (Founder) game MediEvil: The Lost Times.
  14. Marine Vet, ADK player from way back when!

    Just remember to rig the model properly, that will make animating the model much easier
  15. Marine Vet, ADK player from way back when!

    Ill help you get the experience you need.
  16. Marine Vet, ADK player from way back when!

    Need a Male and Female Character, that has the ability to change clothing items (basically a skin for your model). need animated walk/run/crouch/jump/swingaxe/sword/pick/etc.
  17. Marine Vet, ADK player from way back when!

    @[member='FadedHeart']   can always use extra helping hands.  Just let me know the strong points you have with unity and we will get you started.  Contributions will be compensated.  I am personally working on the terrain for the game.  What we absolutely need is a character modeler and animator.  then we will be set for good.  I have actually submitted the copyright for the game already just waiting for the official federal OK. i plan on asking the adk community if they want to help out with supporting the game.  and put adk in the flashscreen and the credits  (so admins-if you reading this)  What would be better publicity than to have sponsorship to a video game.  but thats just wishful thinking.
  18. Marine Vet, ADK player from way back when!

    May not have been the best but i definitely worked with the best.
  19. Marine Vet, ADK player from way back when!

    This is some of the training i received while active duty.  I plan to use my knowledge and experience to help those who do not understand the (lingo) that is shouted while inside the games for ADK.  Anyone who wishes to improve themselves on a tactical level or feel they would like to share their own experiences please do.     I hope you enjoy looking at the experiences that i have gone through.    

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